Review: Chanel Sublimage Essential Comfort Cleanser

When I bought Chanel's Peridot polish at Myer the service was rubbish but the sales assistant did kindly throw in a sample after I politely asked for one. I know it can be uncomfortable to ask for samples but they should be willing to give some to you, especially if you are buying a product. On a side-note, the ladies at Kit Cosmetics and Mecca are sample-generous, and always willing to assist. I received a 5ml sample of the Sublimage Essential Comfort Cleanser and I took it with me to New Zealand as it was the perfect travel size. My skin is quite sensitive so I thought the Comfort Cleanser would be good for my little face.
The packaging is gorgeous don't you think? Very Chanel!

The cleanser is pretty much a see-through gel which doesn't foam but more lays like a layer on your skin.

After using it for almost a week until it ran out I have to say I didn't love it. Although it didn't make me break out and was good as a makeup remover (when used twice), it was way too fragrant and I felt it stripped my skin of moisture. I prefer more natural cleansers because my skin loves them (ie Akin and Trilogy). RRP in Australia is $116 which is not justifiable for me - I'd rather get a Chanel lippie and another nail polish and have some spare change. 

Have you tried this cleanser? Do you ever ask for samples?



  1. i buy most of my products from priceline or online and they rarely do samples. I don't think it would occur to me to even ask but i will next time i'm in a store other than priceline!

    Chanel lippie is amazing!

  2. That's a fair point, I doubt Priceline would have samples... In Myer and David Jones you can usually get lucky but it can feel uncomfortable to ask. Then again, you could be a future customer so it would help in building a relationship.

    I have a Chanel gloss but I agree, a lippie would be fab. Or maybe one of Tom Ford's?

  3. I find Chanel and Dior don't do that great skincare, but fantastic make up.

    I hate asking for samples, but always find Jurlique are great. They give you a few. L'Occitane are good too.

  4. It's so true, I am not a big fan of Lancome either when it comes to skincare.

    Jurlique also does awesome gift with purchases too xx

  5. How funny- I was at the Chanel counter @myer sydney last week where I bought my Illusion D'ombre Eyeshadow in shade 82 (which I adore!!!) and the service was quite shocking! I dared to ask for something new to try out and just got completely ignored!!! Better by online next time- cheaper anyway! Great honest review- love your blog! S.

    1. Oh how I would love a D'Ombre Eyeshadow! Lucky you. I was at the same counter, Myer Sydney. What surprises me is that they are always over staffed but none of them are willing to help. Either buy online or maybe try Chanel at DJ's? After all, the department store competition should give us customers better service but they just haven't figured it out yet xx

  6. I asked for samples at Aveda and got one of the small shampoos & conditioners for free!

    I used to buy all my skin care at Chanel, but it really is quite expensive to keep up, especially since every time they give you a sample product you want to buy it!!

    I'm currently testing out a new moisturiser. So far so good, I'll use it for 2 weeks before I do a product review.

  7. That's very generous, bonus points goes to Aveda!

    Having a Chanel skincare regime would be expensive yes, luckily there are lots of other brands to choose from without breaking the wallet. I am currently enjoying Trilogy very much.

    I look forward to read your review xx


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