New Purchase: Holiday Edition

I did a tiny bit of shopping on this holiday. Don't worry - as hard as it was to avoid the taxfree shopping at the airport yesterday I managed to not buy anything beauty related. Well done to me. That doesn't mean I didn't buy beauty stuff on 31st December since that was my deadline.

I love natural beauty products and lanolin is really good for you. I bought an eye creme, a facial cleansing gel and a kiwi fruit lipbalm which has spf15. I really can't wait to try these, I am sure my skin will love them. And the eye cream was only $15 NZ so it was cheaper than the cleanser. Go figure!
I then didn't do any shopping until we got back to Christchurch on the 4th. But boy did I go to town. We went to a Westfield where they have Forever New and when my boyfriend saw the store (for the first time) he said "this store is so you!". I got a little bag, a necklace, hairclips and a ring. The most exciting thing was finding that I was fitting into jeans after our very indulgent holiday. As much as I had fought off the coloured jeans trend I couldn't resist these jeans and they are truly gorgeous. Wearing them makes me happy. Can you tell I'm going through a coral fase?
Now don't laugh but I never had a nightlight. So when I found this cute Owl in a shop I couldn't leave it there. I also got the sunnies because I had a smaller version when I was a kid and left them in a shoestore - we drove off and they were never found. My life is complete now:) The Roxy bikini cost $10 per piece so that was certainly a bargain. I haven't tried it on yet though, not game enough for that yet! 

Drum roll please..........

It hasn't exactly been a secret that I have been drooling over the ipad2. It is just a perfect toy. So they had it at Christchurch airport with 15% off (because it was tax free) and I went back to the store 4 times. The lady was so lovely and I ended up buying the 32 gb wifi version. Just like that. I might be eating noodles for the rest of the week (I get paid weekly) but that's okay, ipad trumps fancy dinners.
When I finally got wifi I also got Beyonce & Rihanna's albums (do reccommend - they're both very good) and Ministry of Sounds Running Traxx.

My poor wallet but at least I supported the local economy:)

Have you bought anything exciting lately? 



  1. Your purchases are awesome! I love Forever New, loving what you got, coral is one of my favourite colours :) That owl is adorable! And OMG an Ipad2!! So awesome! You did well :D x

  2. I know - I am so excited. Forever New is just gorgeous. The ipad has kept me awake since 6.30 am - not great:)

  3. I love that you purchased so much as I have been spending up quite big too (much to my husband's horror!)
    I would LOVE an Ipad 2, but have to save my bickies first - the 15% off was a good deal!
    Looking forward to reading your blogs this year.....you're doing a great job!!

  4. I love the satchel bag its so pretty!

  5. Hi Alison, I am glad I am not the only one. Feeling so happy with my purchases but definitely staying away from the shops. DId you get anything exciting? Maybe save your bickies and wait for ipad 3? There are rumours it will be released in Spring but you can never rely on rumours and I couldn't wait xx

    Hi Jimmi Lou, it's very cute isn't it? I am trying to carry less stuff around because I am the queen of heavy handbags so this is a perfect size for pure necessities xx

  6. Love the coral jeans, the handbag and the owl! And good on you for getting a fab discount on the ipad! I wouldn't mind one but as I have an iPhone I don't think I need one...so I'll have to save my hard earned pennies for other stuff!

  7. I know how you feel, I also thought about it because I have an iphone and a mac but I just went for it. It is so much fun! I went to Forever New again yesterday and they have my jeans in blue and green too. Not sure if I would get the green jeans but the blue ones are pretty cool!

    I have decided to save 25% of my pay every week and then I can spend the rest:) Saving is hard though xx

  8. Yes, I know what you mean...it's just too hard with rent and bills to save...much less splurge from time to time...sigh.

  9. love those jeans and that bag!! (and coral aswell!! - it's seriously the most flattering and fun colour ever!) haha and i know what you mean about lost childhood items.. i lost my favourite plastic pink ring with a jewel + butterfly stamp in it at the sandbox when i was in pre-school - if i saw one, even though i would never use it - i would buy it in a second! haha atleast sunnies are more practical!! :) :) kathy x

  10. Thanks Kathy! They are so great!

    Lost childhood items are traumatic, I certainly agree. I hope you find the ring one day xx


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