Mirenesse Hydra Gel Eye Liner

In January's  Glossy Box I received a Hydra Gel Eye Liner from Mirenesse in the colour Saphire Blue. I do love a good coloured eye liner so I thought there was no better occassion to try Saphire Blue than on Australia Day which made me feel true blue.
Because I was working on Australia Day I applied my makeup at 5.30 in the morning. Work was really busy and it was a hot day afterwards so I was excited to see that my eyeliner stayed put. I did re-apply a little bit before I went out for drinks in the afternoon but that was only because I wanted it to be more noticable (which it can't be at work because of the grooming rules).
I found the liner incredibly easy to apply and the product glides really easily on the eyelid so there is not too much work involved. The tip of the pen is like a liquid pencil and this gives it great precision.
Further proof that it lasted the whole night - this is me and my de-facto sister looking merry as usual. She has a fancy photo-editing program on her phone and it actually makes my eye liner look like it's eye shadow. Cool stuff.
Another important benefit was that even though the eye liner is long-lasting, it was still easy to remove at the end of the night so that I could get my beauty sleep without waking up with makeup leftovers on my face the next day.

Have you tried this eye liner before? What makeup did you wear on Australia Day?



  1. That looks fantastic!! I like your necklace too. :) XO

  2. Looks amazing, makes your eyes pop! And I love that fun photo at the end!

    I can't wait for mine to arrive, I hope it's soon!

  3. Thanks ladies, it is such a fab colour. I wonder what other colours they do them in as the lasting power is quite great. X

  4. Good to hear it's easy to remove. I was a bit worried because sometimes they can be so hard to get off!

  5. I know, there's nothing worse than makeup you can't remove. I only use a Trilogy creamy cleanser at night and it removes my makeup perfectly. I cleanse twice to make sure I get extra clean=) xx

  6. I am so bad at applying this eyeliner and have attempted it twice now, only for it to go horribly wrong. Any tips?

  7. Hi Alison,

    The way I apply eyeliner is to start on the middle of the eyelid and go outwards. I then go back and do the inner corner and the rest of the line. I might to a video on this to make it easier to explain;) X


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