The Look: New Years Eve

My New Years Eve was very different from what I usually do (ie work, bbq and fireworks). We were on Fox Glacier on a all day hike which was amazing. We had such a great time and the glacier was incredible. I only fell once I promise:) We finished around 5pm and then we chilled out for a while and went for dinner. Now in Fox Glacier we pretty much had about 5 choices for dinner and we actually went back to where we went the day before because the food was nice, service great and we could sit out on the patio and enjoy the evening breeze.
Where we stayed in Fox Glacier!
In the morning before the trip I had applied the holiday routine face which includes concealer, liquid eyeliner, mascara, foundation, bronzer, lanolips in mulberrry and a creme blush. When we got back the motel my makeup was still immaculate which I was very impressed with. This meant that I didn't have to refresh my makeup and left me more time to have some wine and read Steve Jobs biography. I had a shower that morning (please don't remind me - it was freeeeeezing cold - they ran out of hot water...) but that meant that my hair was extra shiny which is never a bad thing. What I did to add some pizazz to remind myself that it was NYE was to add a very bejewelled headband which I got from Diva for $7.
Another reason we went back to this restaurant was that the bar had the Happiest Hour every day. Not Happy Hour but Happiest Hour. So great. This was also the only place we were asked for ID because apparently they were having to ask anyone young because it was NYE. Hilarious! In an effort to make our night more fun we went across the street for dessert and it was so good. 
Chocolate mud cake with icecream and whipped cream. Winner!
After 3 glasses of wine I got tired and pretty much fell asleep by 9. Because we were two hours ahead I would have had to wait until 2am local time to see fireworks from Sydney and all that jazz and combined with never having been a nightowl my tired eyes just couldn't resist. It was a great night though but so weird not seeing fireworks or lots of people celebrating. 

How was your NYE? I hope you managed to stay up after midnight unlike me:)



  1. I only managed to stay up til midnight because i had a nap at 10 pm for half an hour so i was fresh and awake!

    Your headband is very pretty and am now craving chocolate mud cake!

  2. At least you made it to midnight! I feel like such a Nanna... I am 24 going on 70:)

    That cake was so great and caloriffic at the same time xx


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