January I Love This Box

Yesterday when I lined up at the post office I was very excited to receive not one but two packages. One was a Christmas present from my family (it's never too late) and the other was an I Love This Box. Double the excitement.
The packaging is great - especially if you like purple and pink as much as I do. 
I am always so excited to see what's inside - and this box is themed just like last month's box which had a Christmas theme. 
Have you guessed this month's theme yet? Even me as a non-Aussie got it pretty quickly!
Sorry for the camera strap - I am still learning my new camera...
By now I think you all want to know what was inside this Aussie Aussie Aussie box?
I received a Revlon EyeLiner in Antique Gold which I am so excited about - an eyeliner is such a quick way to update your look in the morning. There was also a great eyeshadow brush from I love this box and it is angled so you can blend your eyeshadow and it will look much prettier.
I also received a Revlon Nail Enamel in the colour Touch of Mauve 100, an Olive by Langlois Lip Balm and a Linden Leaves footcare foot soak. I don't have a footbath to soak my feet in but I am sure I can make it happen.

I am really happy with this month's box, all the products were full sized and presented excellent value for money. The cost is $14.95 and the value of these products combined were over $75. What a bargain! I will also be using all the products and the Aussie theme was just too cute.

Have you tried any boxes? Do you like coloured eyeliner as much as I do?



  1. I love my box (haha) My nail polish was 'Hushed Blush 120' and my eyeliner was '05 Very Violet' which is a bright purple, I can't wait to try it! I've been experimenting with colour eye makeup lately. My linden leaves product was a Ginger peach shower creme :)

    xo Evelyn

  2. I signed up for this and am very excited to receive my first box in feb ;) love coloured eye-liners too!! xo stef

  3. I can't wait for next month. Hopefully it is a Valentines Day theme :) XO

  4. omg!! i just started working at the post office and i came across one of these boxes the other day and i was staring at it, wishing i knew what was inside!! haha so this post came at the perfect time to cure my curiosity!!:P + i absolutely love coloured eyeliner!! I definitely use coloured liner more then black, i find them more flattering and way more fun!! :) kathy xx

  5. Can't wait to get my box now, I can't help looking at spoilers! I still have a surprise to look forward to of what shades I got though!

  6. @cottoncandydiva Violet sounds fabulous, I am sure it will look great! I probably would have preferred a shower creme but my feet do deserve to be spoilt so I am happy with the foot soak x

    @Stef You are in for a treat I am sure. It is always very exciting opening the box too x

    @Amy I hope so too! Would be too cute. I would be happy with a birthday theme too since it's my birthday month;) x

    @Kathy How exciting! You will certainly have busy days ahead of you - there is always a line at my post office but the staff are so nice! It's so true, I do use a black liquid liner a lot but coloured eyeliner is very flattering and more fun! x

    @JimmiLou I know how you feel, I can never not look either because I am very impatient. I am sure you will get great shades x

  7. I'm the same, love coloured liner although I use black most often! Will be doing a post on my box soon as I can!!

    P.S.- Ingrid, did you want to add me on FB? I liked your post on the ILTB page regarding this blogpost!

  8. I want to see what colours you got MM! Sure:) That would be cool but I am not on fb often anymore, I think Twitter is heaps more fun xx


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