January Glossybox

It's Glossybox time again! How exciting. This was my third time receiving a Glossybox and I was expecting great things as usual.
The box was themed to match Aussie Day + the Aussie summer. It's all about making your body feel and look fabulous and glossy.
And this is what greeted me when I tore open the paper - I've never been very patient!
I am really happy with all the products because I will use them all. Perfection.
I received Nivea's Rich Nourishing Body Moisturiser, Sheer Cover Nourishing Moisturiser, Kosmea Daily Facial Exfoliant, Sheer Cover Lipgloss in Pink Praline, and Mirenesse Tight Liner Hydra Gel Eyeliner in Saphire Blue. I think the makeup is great because I love blue eyeliner and the gloss looks more coral than pink. I always need moisturisers and exfoliators too so it will all come in very handy.
Please meet Saphire Blue!
Overall I am most excited about this box because the colours are great and I can't wait to try the Sheer Cover moisturiser. It has SPF 15 too which is great!

Did you receive your box yet? Have you tried Glossybox before?



  1. I wonder if this month the boxes were all the same, as I haven't seen anything different in any of the blog posts I've read. I like the eyeliner and the SC lip gloss.

    1. I'm posting about my box tomorrow at beastandbeauty.wordpress.com Didn't get the exfoliant or eyeliner. Got Estee Lauder and fullsize nail polish instead.

  2. How exciting :D Mine isn't here yet but your box looks great so I hope it's similar :)

  3. I haven't checked but it would be good if the products were all the same since there has been a discrepancy in regards to the amount of full size vs sample sizes in some boxes.

    Very happy with the box, enjoy the wait ladies X

  4. Can't wait to get mine, hopefully it will arrive Mon or Tues at the latest! Love the look of the eyeliner and I really liked the Kosmea products I got in the December boxes so yay!

  5. I am still waiting for mine. I hope it's the same as yours, with maybe a different coloured liner. I had the same box as you last time and I was completely disappointed. Fingers cross. I'll let you know. Rachel xxx


  6. I haven't got mine yet! I didn't even receive my tracking notification so I had to post a message on their FB wall! It's apparently been sitting in Sydney for the past 4 days..*sigh*.

    From what I've read, it sounds like everyone gets the same coloured liner...I'm looking forward to trying mine out. Like Jimmi, I love Kosmea prodz too!

  7. i got excatly the same. i hated the moisturises - in my profile i specified that i didn't want body lotions. in the box contents on their website for jan they had nail polish (i put nail polish) why didn't i get that instead??????????? it anoys me so much.

  8. I hope you get the boxes soon lovely ladies, they are definitely worth waiting for. I

    t's a shame they are still having shipping issues and I guess they aren't fully customising products yet.

    I haven't tried Kosmea yet but I will give it a shot soon. XX

  9. Hi Ingrid,
    I got mine today and am happy.
    I like the eyeliner and the gloss the best.
    I will also be sporting my Aussie-Day tattoos on Thursday!

  10. I am glad you liked yours too Alison. I will be wearing them too but only where my suit covers them since I am working on Aussie Day. The joy of hospitality;)

    I will try the eyeliner soon, and I think the gloss will look fab on your cheeks too. X


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