Hot Lips: Revlon, Avon & Becca

The last Hot Lips post was popular so I thought I'd bring out another one, seeing as I have a lot of lippies to play around with. Since it's so nice and sunny at the moment I wanted some bright colours but they couldn't be too strong because I had to be able to wear them at work too. I am in a peachy/pink mood at the moment so I knew what I wanted.
Meet the crew: Revlon Peach, Avon Pink Berry
and Becca Beach Tint in Grapefruit.
This is what's hiding under the pretty packaging.
The swatches look something like this.
Revlon's lipstick in peach is very pretty and you can layer it if you want it to be stronger.
Avon's lipstick is actually a mineral lipstick which has SPF15 which is a great bonus!
What's funny is that even though Becca's Beach Tint looks very strong in the swatches, it is actually quite sheer when you apply it. You can also use it on your cheeks and it is waterproof.
In terms of longevity I would rate Avon, Becca and then Revlon. I didn't have to re-apply Avon too much whereas Revlon was gone after one coffee and Becca is so sheer that you can hardly see that it is there.

Have you done Hot Lips this week? xx


  1. I love Becca products, but don't have many :(

    Such gorgeous colours. :)

  2. I really want one of those Becca lip tints! I know they were given as a gwp with a magazine last year and I'm so annoyed I missed out on it!

  3. I like Becca too (hence my name on Primped) but I do think it is quite expensive. I did find this anniversary collection which looks fab and quite reasonably priced! XX http://www.beccacosmetics.com/au/store/makeup-gift-sets/beauty-gifts/anniversary-box-set-classic/


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