Hot Lips: Jurlique & Chanel

Today's hot lips is work related. I can't wear bright lips at work due to the rules so I have to be neutral. Which is not a problem when I have a beautiful gloss to work with. Enter Jurlique's Love Balm and Chanel's Lip Gloss in Imaginaire 56.
I bought Chanel's lipgloss in the taxfree at Oslo airport, and I love taxfree shopping because you get such good memories of where you were. Technically when I bring the gloss with me I have a little piece of French Oslo in my bag. 

I had also looked at the love balm for a long time and finally bought it a few months ago and I really like it. It is a perfect moisturiser for your lips, eye lids, nails and other dry areas. I often use it as a base for glosses and lipsticks and it does a great job.
I really like wearing Imaginaire and if I did win the Lotto I would get more of the shades available from Chanel. If you haven't tried Love Balm yet you should get on it, because it is a wonderful multi-purpose product with ingredients such as Vitamin E, Beeswax and Safflower Seed Oil. 

Isn't it the perfect corporate pink? 

If you want to learn more about the Love Balm, please check out Miss T's Things I love Thursday.



  1. Ooh, I love Chanel Lip gloss!! I have one in my bag all the time.

  2. Chanel is the bomb. It is so luxe and such a necessity;)

  3. I would LOVE a Chanel lipstick - I may have to buy myself one for my next birthday present!!

  4. Thanks Alison, I am thinking of getting one too. My birthday is in Feb so I can justify it:) XX


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