Hot Lips: Australis & Revlon

Bright lipstick is such a great way of brightening up your look and your lipstick doesn't have to be expensive either. I only started using lipstick about a couple of years ago, I was always scared of not being able to maintain the lipstick look all day and preferred lipgloss simply because it is much easier. That lasted until I got over my fears and wanted to try it. Last year for Halloween I dressed up as a bloody nurse and needed red lips to match of course. I went to the Revlon sales counter and got great assistance with choosing a red that suited me and a matching lipliner. The trick with lipliner is to paint around your lips and then colour them in so that your lipstick has something to hang onto.
It truly is a showstopping red!
When I was going to NZ I knew I wanted to bring a couple of lippies to brighten up the day. A colourful lipstick is also great for those days when you just don't want to apply eye makeup because it distracts and promotes your beautiful lips. I brought Nude by Nature's waterproof Natural Mineral Lipliner in the shade Chique, Australis Colour Inject Mineral Lipstick in the shade Salsa and lucky last Revlon Colourburst Lipstick in Coral. 
I really like the packaging of both lippies! Salsa is to the left and Coral is on the right.
Here are the swatches, in the same order as above.
Salsa is a gorgeous hot pink colour and it is perfect for summer! It is also a very flattering pink and I am pretty sure it would look good on anyone. If you want a stronger colour you can layer the lipstick and do two layers instead of one. Always remember to blot afterwards to make sure the colour will stay. I love the blotting part because it feels so glam.
The Coral is such a strong colour so be prepared for some attention. It works best if you apply lots of bronzer so that it doesn't wash your face out. 
I really like both colours and you really should try bright lips - it is so much fun! My boyfriend is not a fan but that doesn't bother me, after all you have to do what you think looks right. 

Are you a bright lipstick fan? Or are you more traditional? xx


  1. How do you find the staying power of these two lippies? I have them both in different shades but neither lasts, even with liner, translucent powder etc. I guess I'm wondering if it's my fault or the formula. The L'Oreal le rouge lippies, however, are amazing and last ages (with drinking, eating and everything).

    My boyfriend hated the bright lips when I first tried it out, but as I've worn it more and more he loves it!

  2. I love the revlon colour! It looks incredible :)

  3. The Coral looks great. I wish I could wear it. I stick with the bluish reds and soft pinks. Rachel xx


  4. LOVE IT!!


  5. @Anonymous - I found Revlon's Coral to have little staying power (it disappeared when I was eating Subway) but Australis' Salsa lasted much longer. Thanks for the tip on L'Oreal - I will have to check it out. I also find that the lipliner is very important for the end result and Nude's lipliner didn't actually do much for these two lippies. When I wore the red Revlon at the Halloween party it lasted all night thanks to Revlon's lipliner. Hope this helps:)

    @Beautyinabottle Thank you - and my boyfriend disliked it as much as I loved it:)

    @Rachel Again thank you. I have a few soft pink lippies that I adore!

    @Lucia Cheers, I will chekc out your site soon



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