Happy Australia Day!

I hope everyone has a lovely time celebrating Australia Day today. I am working this morning so that explains why I am up at this wonderful hour. I usually celebrate Australia Day with good company, good food and wine. Sometimes fireworks are involved too. Sadly I couldn't find a picture of any Australia Day celebrations which is terrible but I could dig up an old koala picture. Too cute!
After work I am going to a barbeque and maybe out later to play wing-woman. Good times. Hopefully the weather cooperates seeing as Sydney has been acting up lately. It's still dark outside so I am just not sure how it is looking in terms of weather forecast. You can only trust your iphone so much. In terms of make up I will wear my true blue Mirenesse eyeliner, mascara, tinted moisturiser and bronzer. Love keeping it simple at this hour of the morning.

On another note, Norway's national day on 17. May is completely different. I was home on holidays in May last year so got to celebrate it properly again. We wear national costumes, go out partying the night before, the kids walk a parade in the streets, you have to eat as much icecream as you can, a tivoli comes to my hometown and it is again all about good food and good company but sadly no beaches are involved. There are also lots of Norwegian flags around and marching bands too. My Australian boyfriend found the day quite strange and very tradition-heavy but I love it of course.
Even my grandma's staffy Bertha gets involved in the celebrations. It's more like her being upset that she couldn't come and celebrate with us. She is very good at giving us the guilts for leaving her at home but then again I think most dogs are.
I hope you have a wonderful Australia Day and that you enjoy the special day the best you can. I will make sure to take a photo tonight so that I finally have a proper Oz Day memory.



  1. Ohhh I haven't seen you as a brunette! You pull off both brown and blonde well :) Great photos!

    Hopefully work isn't too bad today XO

  2. Thanks Amy, it's funny because when I am brunette I want to go lighter and now I want to go darker. But for my hair's sake I have to not change it up too often so I have comitted to the highlight journey for a while.

    I have been to the vending machine 3 times already but I only have 1 hour to go:)

    Hope you have a fab day xx

  3. Happy Aussie Day Ingrid!
    You look great as a brunette and a blonde!

  4. Thanks Alison, Hope you had a great day xx


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