Hairspiration from Elle - February 2012

I have always enjoyed reading magazines and having a little bit of an escape whilst getting inspiration. One of my favourite things about the iPad is that I can read mags on it wthout having to drag them all around. It's the same as my affection for my Kindle. I recently downloaded UK Elle's February issue and they had a photo shoot that took my breath away. The supermodel is Isabeli Fontana (who I had never heard about before) and she has a different look in each photo. I absolutely love it! Great hairspiration too for another Hair Dare and Isabeli is very pretty. Prepare to be wowed. I couldn't choose a favourite picture although it's a tough competition between Prada and Gucci.

I think all the photos are absolutely glorious and it's been a long time since I've felt this inspired. I am so ready for another Hair Dare. What I like about high fashion is that although I can't afford the clothes or the shoes, I can replicate a certain fashion look or buy a Chanel polish without spending too much money. I realise it can be demotivating to see extremely expensive clothes but I think it's important to look at the bigger picture and take the trends with a grain of salt. Follow what you want to do and develop your style. Whilst maintaining a fabulous mane of hair of course!

What was your favourite picture? Favourite look? I hope you are as inspired as I am xx 


  1. I love the Calvin Klein, Dior, Paul and Jo and Armarni hair looks the best. I used to read Elle all the time, but found at least a third of it was just ads, so I stopped reading.

    I get most of my inspiration from peoples blogs, since it is much more wearable than say a Vogue picture.

  2. Yes the Calvin Klein look is great! I know, the ads can be annoying but I am so used to them now.

    Blogs are a great source of inspiration and it's so true, much easier to take inspiration from that compared to a high end picture x

  3. Ingrid, I LOVE the classics (that never seem to really change, no matter what the era) Louis Vuitton and Dior. There seem to be quite a lot of pieces in the darker florals or animal-type patterns. I like this - as long as it's not over-done. I think I'm a bit conservative. Great post.

  4. Thanks Alison,

    Great to hear from you. The classics are a standout aren't they? I also love the green colour of Bottega Veneta's outfit. Nothing wrong with being conservative x

  5. Hi Ingrid,
    I have made a boo boo!
    The blog you commented on is actually my old blog.
    Thank you for making a comment, but it's not the current blog that I work on.
    My current one is: www.sewandbakeandlove.com
    So sorry that I mixed that up - I was logging into my OLD google account - I must stop that!

  6. Aaah that makes sense then. I really look forward to checking it out:)

    Have a nice afternoon xx


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