Fox In Flats Hairdare

I have been reading Fox In Flats for a while, which is actually a Mummy website written by Andrea. I just love her tips on which shoes fit with which jeans, exercise tips and the all important Red Lipstick Dare. Last weekend I was roaming around on Twitter and saw that Andrea was encouraging ladies to do a Hair Dare for the next week. We all know how easy it is to fall into a hair routine/being hair boring so the rules of the Hair Dare was to have a different style every day and posting it either on Twitter or Facebook, joining in when you wanted to but the Hair Dare had to go on for 7 days and each style had to be different. I decided to join in because it sounded fun to do a different style every day and also I liked the idea of seeing what other women would come up with. Every day I posted a picture on Twitter with the hashtag #hairdare and lots of people participated. It was the most fun hair week I have ever had and it made the morning routine much more exciting.
Day 1: the perfect beach braid
Day 2: Low pony with a side fringe
Day 3: Went all twisty like a German Freulein
Day 4: Pony with a fringe-braid.
Day 5: Keeping it straight!
Day 6: high bun with a rocking headband
Day 7: Lazy and loose sidebun.
As much fun as it was to make my hair look different every day, my favourite part was actually seeing the different styles and names for the styles the other participating ladies did. Such a great routine. I will probably change up my hair a lot more now because I don't want to fall in the routine again. The hairstyle that attracted the most comments from my colleagues was the twisty one from Day 3. I guess fancy does it.

Did you participate in the Hair Dare? Are you stuck in a hair style rut?



  1. Ingrid,
    I just LOVED your hairstyles this week - and I know a load of others did too. Was fun hopping out of our comfort zones huh?!
    What was your favourite hairstyle that you did?

  2. Thank you Andrea, lovely to hear.

    It is always great stepping out of the comfort zone and letting the creativity rule. I think Day 6 was my favourite because it stayed put the whole day and was super easy xx

  3. ohhhhh this is so cool :) I am tempted to do it as i mostly wear my hair in a pony, or down with a side braid. I am so stuck in a hair rut. XO

  4. I love all your hairstyles! In particular the loose sidebun, it looks gorgeous! Hopefully I can figure out how to replicate it or something similar hehe :)x

  5. Thanks Amy, it was a really great way of changing it up! I am doing it this week too so join in. It's hard to figure out how to do my hair at 5.30 am but I am sure I can do it xx

    Thank you Corrina, so great to hear from you. The funny thing was that the sidebun was super easy to do - I just placed my hair in a side pony and twisted it around and set it with a bobby pin. It even lasted when I went for a run. xx

  6. It was fun! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  7. I really want to do this, this is the second one of these I have read recently, very inspiring, I can get very lazy with my hair at times!

  8. It was so much fun. Great way to start the morning. No excuses for style ruts now xx

  9. So pretty! Loved your hairdo challenge!

  10. i LOVE this!! such a great idea.. and fun to share it with everyone!! im gonna try it out for the rest of the week!! no more pony tails for me... haha :)

  11. Thank you all, it is great fun. Did have a moment of frustration this morning because I couldn't figure out how to do my hair so don't put on too much pressure on yourselves... I ended up twisting my fringe and doing a pony tail, so easy xx

  12. Great idea - I am going to try this when I'm back at work next week!!

  13. It was such a fun week. I am doing it again this week and it's much harder the second time around because I am trying to be creative but I am also locked in because of the grooming rules at work so I can't be too adventurous. At least I have the weekend off so I can have my hair down.

    I hope it will make your first week back at work more fun X


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