Flattering Photo Angles

I love having my photo taken but it wasn't always that way. I am told now that I am a natural poser but it took me a while to get there. When I was in my teens I hated smiling with my teeth in photos because I had a bigger gap between my front teeth than Madonna does. I think gaps in teeth look gorgeous on others (think Lara Stone, Jess Hart), but I didn't like it on myself. The gap actually grew together as I grew older so I have straight teeth now. I always smile with my teeth now unless I have food in my mouth of course. I am also not a fan of having my picture taken in profile because my nose is little and my chin is quite sharp but that's okay, I didn't mind this picture at all.
Because I am trying to veer of the usual path of smiling at a specific angle, I really liked this photo when I was looking down on my phone. It's whimsical and very me.
I never ever ever let anyone take a picture of me if I am standing and they are sitting down - it would be like asking for a double chin. I did however have to suck it up in Milford Sound because the waterfall was much much bigger than me and simply had to be in the photo. As much as I don't like the photo of me I like the whole picture and that's more important.
This is my usual go to pose, with a glass of wine in my hand. Life is good!
A new pose I have adopted in the past year is the Victory pose, try it if you can - it's so much fun to raise your hands in the air and it also helps your posture:)
You should try taking photos from different angles to see what suits you best. I always take photos of myself before I go out to make sure what I see in the mirror looks nice from other people's perspective.

This is my preferred angle but it sort of hides my dimple so I usually switch it up. 
Many people may feel uncomfortable with having a full-figure picture taken. If you have pockets it can help to use them as a decoy and it will make you look confident or relaxed.
You can also use your handbag as a distraction.
And if you were to stumble on a giant pre-historic emu on the road you simply must just go with it.
In any event, just smile and enjoy having your photo taken. Think how fun it is to remember experiences because of a picture. Even now when I look at pictures from Berlin in May I get a heatflash because it was so hot! 

What's your tip for a great photo? Are you usually the photographer or the object?



  1. Fantastic photos!!

    I hate getting my photo taken. I am my own worst enemy and am very critical. Hopefully this year I will start to feel a bit more comfortable getting my picture taken :)

  2. I'm neither. I'm just not photogenic (it's fine, I've accepted this) and i don't really take many photos either.

    Your photos are really nice. I really like the second shot!

  3. @Amy you are beautiful and just enjoy having your photo taken. It may take a while but you will get comfortable and less critical, nobody's perfect and we don't have photoshop like the celebs do but we should be good enough! xx

    @Vanessa, I completely understand - but I like the photos in your blog header:) xx

    My mum hates having her photo taken and will always look away which makes the photo look a little bit strange. I keep telling her to look in the camera but she doesn't agree with me.

  4. Everyone looks good from slightly above. (only slightly) like in your photo where you are looking at your phone.

    You will notice all the photos of me are from that angle. It's not a coincidence ;).

    Tip for taking a pic of yourself in the mirror: Turn your camera/phone around so you can see the screen in the mirror, rather than taking a photo of your reflection. That way there's never a camera in your shot. Only down side is it's impossible to fit in your whole outfit this way.

  5. Thanks Miss T - wise words as always. I will try the phone-photo trick soon:)

    My boyfriend and I are always on the same side in photos, I'm to the left and he is to the right. Hilarious:) xx

  6. Hi Ingrid,

    Love the blog I agree that holding your pockets is the best decoy in a full length photo as is a hang bag a great strategy to be used as a distraction. I walk past prehistoric emu's on the reg and never know how to go about them. I now know all thanks to you!

    Hoochy Mama xx

  7. KatSkat you are so great! Keep the smiles coming xx

  8. beautiful photos! you look great :D

  9. Gorge photos, hun, you look fabulous in all but my favourites are 4, 5, 6, 9 and 10...you make that emu look good!

    I think I used to be quite happy with my photos but I'm not liking them much lately...I look in the mirror before leaving and am happy with what I see, then I see a photo and I'm like 'ugh'!!


  10. Thank you hunny! So great to have you back xx

  11. It's good to be back...been catching up on all my favourite blogs! :)


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