Every Girl Needs an Emergency Kit

Accidents and emergencies usually don't happen between 9 to 5 Monday to Friday. Which is why I was not surprised when the hot water tap in the shower would not turn off on Saturday night. The dial was broken and every time it twisted around more water came out. Not so domestic bliss. Because we were so tired we just turned off the water of our unit and it was my mission to call a plummer on Sunday morning. Sadly the plummer our agent wants us to use was busy so he could not attend until Monday morning. Lucikly we always have lots of water bottles in our fridge so at least we could brush our teeth.

Now being without water for a whole day was not going to be fun but at least I had a few tools I could use to stay clean and fresh. The reason I even own Baby Wipes is because I use them to clean my iphone/ipad/mac screens and no harm has happened so far. I also have a great hand sanitizer from Jurlique which is more natural than other sanitizers which is great because you don't want to dry out your hands.
Woollies Baby Wipes, Chanel Beige Fragrance,
Yes to Cucumbers Wipes, Kiehl's Creme de Corps,
Cedel Dry Shampoo for brunettes,
Natio Roll On Deodorant.
I also kept my face very simple because I knew I didn't want to remove any heavy makeup. It was also a nice and sunny day so I needed to know that my face wouldn't melt off but I still wanted to glow. 
Australis Paparazzi Perfect Tinted Moisturiser, Garnier Roll-on Concealer,
Benefit Erase-Paste Concealer, Benefit Moonbeam Highlighter,
Lanolips Lemon Aid.
The result... And luckily the plumber came Monday afternoon and fixed it all so I jumped straight in the shower when I got home from work. Domestic bliss has been restored again.
Because I have worked in hotels for years I always have an emergency kit in my locker too since you never know when you will need to do a double or a back to back shift. It contains hairspray, moisturiser, cleanser, a tiny hairbrush, eyecream, concealer and bronzer. It's all you could ever need to get glossy again.

How do you deal with emergencies? I can be quite good (it's my job after all) but the pancakes I had on Sunday morning definitely helped me feel better that's for sure.

What's in your emergency kit?



  1. my emergency kit usually is half in my handbag and half in my car. I sort of live part time at home and at my boyfriends, so i always have baby and facial wipes, moisturiser, sunscreen, mascara, lip gloss and powder foundation.

  2. Oh no! We don't realise how much we rely on our basics like water and electricity and gas.
    I think I would be in trouble if that happened to me - although I do always have baby wipes on hand (thanks to the baby). They are useful for LOTS of things!!

  3. Hi Miss V, I remember doing that a lot when I was not living with my man and I had stuff everywhere. It's always good to be prepared;)

    I agree Alison, we take it so for granted. Baby wipes are so handy xx

  4. Anti-bacterial wipes, lipstick (use on lips and cheeks), lip gloss, hair bands, bobby pins. i can go anywhere without my wipes. I am paranoid about trolley handles at the moment. Rachel xx


  5. I love the lip stick trip Rachel, although I don't nearly do it enough... xx

  6. Oh man, that sounds like a disaster! I remember I was just about to leave for a trip overseas in December and the power cut out for 3 hours just as I was about to go shower! :(

    And btw, you looked absolutely gorgeous in that last photo! :)

  7. Yes it wasn't great. Won't be taken water for granted anytime soon... Thank you xx


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