The Body Lotions that are rocking my world right now

I have always been a body lotion fan. Nearly all of them smell great and they do make my skin feel soft and moisturised. I have tried both expensive and cheap body lotions and have found that being cheap is not necessarily a reflection of the quality of the lotion. I always give bonus points for having a pump-bottle since I like convenience.
Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturizing Body Oil is the first body oil I ever tried and I doubt I would go for another brand when it comes to oils. The bottle lasts forever, costs less than $10 and my body loves it. I apply it straight after I've gotten out of the shower and then dab it into the skin.

Last time I was at Bronzalicious I bought a Victoria's Secret Drenched In Pink Body Lotion. It smells amazing, just like a VS Angel would. I also think the packaging is super cute. It sinks into my skin very quickly and the scent lingers which is perfect for after the beach. I think I paid $29 for it but I can't remember.

Lastly is the Garnier Body Intensive 7days Conditioning Lotion. I think the marketing-ploy is that if you use it for 7 days straight your body won't need more moisturising but that definitely doesn't work for me. What it does though is moisturise, smell nice and last a long time. Tick tick tick.

What are you loving right now? Have you tried any of these lotions/oils?



  1. love palmers body oil. really good after shaving :)

  2. I love the Garnier body lotion - the cocoa smells delicious and my skin feels sooo great afterwards. I don't believe the whole 7 day thing either, but I'm still loving it :)

  3. Love the Palmers Oil too! But not 100% sure how to apply it. When you say 'dab', how much do you use?

  4. Oooo Ingrid I love the Garnier one. I'm currently using a Nivea body firming lotion (it was $5 on sale at woolies) and I HATE it! It leaves a residue and makes my skin all sticky!

  5. Thank you lovely ladies.

    When I say dabbing it on I just put a little bit in my hand and then apply it – it actually glides on and dries quite fast. And then I repeat

    I too have tried a Nivea lotion (the blue one) and was not happy. xx


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