Beauty Stocktake

Because I am such a crazy fox, I spent Saturday night home alone watching a couple of movies, had some wine and most importantly did a beauty stocktake. I do love organising things I am just terrible at keeping it organised. As suspected I won't have to buy anything beauty related for a while, but at least my affairs are in order. What I did find was an inordinate amount of sample sachets. I don't mind sachets for traveling, gym trips or for trialling new products. The problem is that I forget to use them. I actually almost filled this bag with sachets.
The bag is also quite heavy so I had to weigh it and according to my kitchen scales it is weighing 650 grams. From now on I will try to use all the products every day, although the problem with sachets is that you don't get much more than one or two uses from each sample.
The sachets range from body lotion, shampoo & conditioner, foundation, lipsticks & more. One thing that's good to remember is to always keep a pair of scissors nearby because some sachets can be hard to open just with your fingertips. Hopefully in a month or two my bag will be empty and I will be a sachet-hoarder no more.

Do you collect sachets or are you able to use them as soon as they are received? 



  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who seems to collect samples and then forget to use them! I have a bunch of them in my drawer to use up but keep thinking "well...they'll be handy for trips away maybe..." I actually did one of my male friends his own "beauty box" for Christmas and popped some of the samples in there as extra little gifts for him. He seemed really happy and has said how handy they've been for the gym! I'd be interested to know how you get on with using them up. Good luck! :)

  2. something about you home alone tipsely organising your sachets makes me laugh ingrid haha. Kat x

  3. Haha you've got so many, the beauty boxes certainly help with adding to the bunch! It would be really good to have a girls night in using these and see what everyones makeup turns out like!

  4. I too forget to use my satchels/samples and then just find them everywhere in my room and bathroom. I should probably organise them because i spend ages trying to find one that i just know i have, only to give up and find it 4 days later when i no longer need it.

    Love the new header!

  5. I really had sachets :( There isn't enough in there to actually see if it makes a difference. Also it just seems pointless to try a new moisturiser twice. XO

  6. Hi Robyn, Yes it appears not using your sachets is pretty common. The male beautybox is a great idea though, every time I do get a male beauty sample I give it to my boyfriend but he does not always use them either.

    Haha Kat, that is exactly how it went down. =)

    Hi Jimmi Lou, yes I was shocked to find so many but I have started using some already and my two favourites include an eyecream gel from Guinot & the tinted moisturiser from Estee Lauder is just gorgeous.

    It was a bit of hard work finding all the sachets Miss V but I got there and now it's nice having them all in the same place. Thanks for the feedback on the header too, it was so much fun to make!

    Hi Amy, sachets can be pretty annoying but then again I can't justify throwing them out because I feel that would be wasteful. At least I have quite a few hair ones so won't have to buy a new shampoo for a while. I am also using my favourite gentle cleanser from Trilogy because my skin would freak out otherwise with all the new moisturisers that are being applied at the moment



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