Untangling hair thanks to O&M's No Knot & Orofluido

Please don't judge me but I haven't brushed my hair for 3 days. Thanks to the Remington Perfect Curls I made at 5 am on Christmas Eve, my hair has stayed voluminous and curly until now. During Christmas I was working every day and then I went to my boyfriend's family to stay every night. I forgot my hairbrush at usual so I just let my hair do what it wanted to do. My hair is very tangly in its natural state but with the curls and the styling products I knew it was getting pretty knotty. Since I was also very sleep-deprived I let my skin breathe yesterday (fancy excuse for not being bothered to apply or remove makeup:p)
I really wasn't looking forward to brushing it out but thanks to the tools I used it ended up not being so bad. I used a Moroccan Oil paddle brush (I find paddle brushes to be the most comfortable for me), Orofluido hair oil and Original & Mineral's No Knot Conditioning Detangler.
I spritzed lots of No Knot on my hair and gently brushed it out. In the areas where it was more knotty I sprayed an extra round. There were no tears and it didn't hurt.
I then applied Orofluido to my whole hair (you are only meant to use it on the ends) because my hair needed some conditioning. I then put it in a high bun and left it like that for about an hour. 
When I showered my hair was so soft and conditioned, it was amazing. But I promise not to neglect my hair like that again.

Do you ever neglect your hair or is it just me? 


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