Teeth Whitening at the Smile Shop part 1

When I was 9 I had a diving in the kiddie-pool accident. I therefore lost a third of my left front tooth. Luckily the dentist could fix it up and he was able to make my tooth look normal again. To be quite honest, I don't remember much about what he did but the results were good and that's all that matters. Lately I have noticed that the replaced area of my tooth has become quite discoloured so I spoke to my dentist, Dr. Levi at the Smile Shop about teeth whitening. We agreed that the best way forward would be to whiten all my teeth and then perhaps place a veneer on my front tooth to cover it up. Yesterday I had the teeth whitening done by KPT Laser. In terms of things I do to miscolour my teeth I pretty much do it all except smoking; drink red wine, coffee, soft drink occassionally, some tea and I love salty licorice.

On my way to the appointment. I find being comfortable at the dentist is super important so I wore a headband to keep my hair out of the way and it's never fun to lie on a ponytail in the chair.
The before photo (sorry for the close up): 
Since I knew that for 72 hours after the procedure I would have to eat white, light yellow and clear food only and I had 10 minutes free before my appointment, I ended up grabbing a burger first. Best decision of the day as I had been a little bit nervous and only had an up&go for breakfast.
The appointment started with Dr. Levi taking a gel impression of my teeth for the moulds so that I can continue the at-home procedure myself. My teeth got a proper clean, and then I had to bite on a suction-thingy for the rest of the time and my mouth was full of those cotton rolls so I could not ask questions. My lifeline was to raise my left arm if I was in pain. Try and guess how many times I ended up doing it? Twice.

I was given some massive glasses with orange lenses to protect from the laser. And then we were off. I think we did 3 rounds but then again, I couldn't ask questions. My teeth are quite sensitive but I hadn't been concerned about pain because it is such a quick procedure. But by round 1 I had raised my hand once and wasn't looking forward to round 2. Well I think it was round 2 because it felt longer than number 1 and 3. I raised my hand again because one tooth was just really stubborn and resisited the process. Now the pain is not that bad it just feels like your teeth are hollow and some of them don't care and others are howling and resisting treatment. Round 3 ended up being my favourite because a) it was the last round, b) I didn't raise my hand c) I was getting quite sleepy because I'd been up for hours already.

After round 3 some fluoride was applied to strenghten my teeth. I then got to rinse out everything which I did about 7 times. I was invited to view the result and it looked good. Suddenly a sharp pain appeared 3 places in my mouth. I was given pain killers and the moulds made earlier were filled with sensitive tooth paste which simply was heavenly pain relief. They say that 5 out of 100 will experience sensitivity and pain and I was one of the unlucky ones. I had expected it though, but it still hurt!

I was given a few things for the home care; GC Tooth Mousse Plus, Sensitive Pro-Relief by Colgate, information sheets, the moulds of my teeth and a DayWhite teeth whitening system which can be used every night or every other night. I will be using it every night so I can be done before Christmas. 
I continued to have pain throughout the afternoon so I went pretty hard on the pain killers. I also only ate white marshmallows, the inside of a breadroll and a delicous new dish: Vanilla youghurt with banana and Ritz crackers. Try it, I think it is delicious. Since I can only eat white food I don't have many choices because I don't like cauliflower, fish or sour cream. Luckily I love rice, dairy foods and pasta so it won't be a problem.
Now I'll show you the result in two different lights. I am really happy with how it turned out but in the bathroom light you can really tell that my front tooth is not cooperating.
Bathroom light picture:
Going forward I will be using the home kit whitening system every night. It needs to stay on for 45 minutes so it's best to do it before bed. Good thing I am an avid reader so I will have something to do. I will also stay away from coffee, soft drinks and red wine until I am done with this procedure. Then we can move on to the veneer so I can have an even and bright smile.

I was at the Smile Shop for about 90 minutes and I was really looked after by Dr. Levi and his assistants. The whitening procedure was $1400. I will be taking daily photos monitoring the brightening. This morning they looked a little bit whiter so I guess beauty sleep really works:)

Have you tried teeth whitening in salon or with at home products? Do you want to try it? 



  1. Hello!

    I've stumbled across your blog when googling for reviews on Dr. Levi's tooth whitening. It looks like you got great results :)

    Just wondering, how long did it take for you to get an appointment?

    Do you know the prices of the options other than KPT Laser? $1400 is a bit dear for me!


  2. Hello!

    I've stumbled across your blog when googling for reviews on Dr Levi's teeth whitening. Looks like you got great results :)

    Just wondering, how long did it take you to get an appointment with him? I need to get my teeth whitened by the end of next week...might have left it a bit late lol.

    Also, do you by any chance know the pricing for options other than KPT Laser? $1400 is a bit dear for me!



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