Review: Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Peppermint Twist

Yesterday I tried using Sally Hansen's Salon Effects for the first time. I bought them earlier in the week and couldn't wait to try them. Luckily the pack comes with really good instructions so it was easy to see what I needed to do. The pack also contains 16 strips, a nail file and a cuticle pusher/smoother.
First you file your nails with the hot pink side of the nail file, gently push back the cuticles and now the stickering can begin.
As there are 16 nail strips in the pack you have a few to play around with in case you don't get it right. First check if a strip fits your nail.
You then remove the plastic cover at the front, peel off the square label and divide the sticker from the back cover. If you hold the nail strip in the middle it is easier to get a smooth result since the strips are so long.
You now gently use the peach coloured side of the nail file at the edge of the nail to cut off the excess nail strip. Ta-da, 1 finger done - 9 to go.
I managed to do my left hand with no problem since I am right handed. The right hand was a little bit harder but that is also because I ran out of strips that fitted my ring finger so I had to do a bit of jiggling.
I'm done with the right hand and you can see the result isn't as good. My fingers simply don't fit the mould.
I have to say the strips were really easy to apply but I think I might have stretched them too far since 6/10 nails had chipped by last night. Not happy... I did get lots of compliments from my colleagues though, they were fans!
And more chips...
I will give the strips another try since I have already purhased the Snow Bunny design and I will try and do it a little differently. But as for now, I have already removed the strips. I tore them off which probably isn't recommendable but you can also take them off with nail polish remover. I am going to spoil my nails by applying a nice coat of OPI's Base Coat to make sure they don't suffer any damage.

I loved the design but am not satisfied with the chip-factor. Hopefully the Salon Effects redeem themselves next time because it could just have been me doing beginners errors.

Have you tried the strips? Do you have any tips for me? 



  1. I tried houndstooth and they chipped and fell off.

    Lots of my colleagues have tried them and there seemed to be two main themes:
    1. Some of the patterns stay on better than others, usually the ones which are not white-based (so leopard print, the glitter ones, etc stay on better than houndstooth, peppermint, butterflies, etc).

    2. Definitely need to go over all your nails with nail polish remover before applying. I didn't do this the first time and they didn't stick AT ALL.

    Hope that helps!

  2. Thank you Tamsin, I am going to try again on Friday!

    I just don't want them to chip again but if they do there's always just normal nail polish which actually is a little bit easier. xx


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