New Years Resolution

I am terrible with holding New Years Resolutions and I usually forget about them pretty quickly. This year though, I have one yearly goal and I will also be doing a different goal every month. The yearly goal is pretty simple: Prioritising travel. Earlier this year I went on an amazing holiday in Europe and it was so much fun and this year I would like to start the year off with more experiences like that. Seeing as I am currently in New Zealand I am at least starting the resolution off well. What I will need to do is spend less, save more and plan holidays. Easy right?

When it comes to the monthly goals I have decided that January will be a no beauty-spend month. February will become Fituary which will involve doing exercise for at least one hour every single day. I am going to do the SMH half marathon (22km) in May so I want to get motivated and prepared. I haven't worked out the other months quite yet but I will keep you updated.

Since I was running out of time for beauty spend I had to do a little splurging before I left on the holiday.
I have already finished my mini-sized O&M bottle of Atonic so I had to get the big size and I also wanted to try the Surf Bomb spray.
Next I stopped at Priceline for the last time in a long time. I truly have everything I need, I just run out of basics quite frequently. I am sure I'm not the only one. I also wanted to try Heidi Klum's new range for Schwarzkopf including a volumising powder thanks to Andrea at Fox in Flats. Since I needed a new rosehip oil I got a little gift pack from Trilogy which included a moisturiser and cleanser for a few dollars extra. Score:)

That's it folks, no more beauty spend for January. And maybe February too if I'm brave enough. I am sure my wallet would love me for it.

Do you have any resolutions? Where are you celebrating NYE?



  1. I didn't have internet for like a month while i was house sitting, so know im reading back through your posts.. lol!! so not too stalkerish, i hope? Theres no way i could do the no beauty purchases in January, since i would have failed massively already, but may i join you in 'fituary'? such a great idea!! :)

  2. Hey Kathy,

    It has been really hard and I am only halfway through! It's so weird not going into Priceline anymore and I actually walked through DJ's and I couldn't look at anything but my willpower has been good. What it has highlighted is that I do have lots of beauty stuff at home and I should only replace things when they run out so that's my new philosophy.

    I hope you had fun housesitting and thank you for back-reading my posts, I feel priviliged xx


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