New Purchase: Sally Hansen & Burt's Bees

Yesterday I ducked into Priceline looking for Heidi Klum's new range for Swartzkopf. They didn't have it at the two stores I checked (there are 3 stores in a 10 minute walking range in Sydney cbd), but it was not like I was ever going to leave Priceline empty handed. I have a Burt's Bees addicion and I also knew Sally Hansen had released a festive season Salon effects so I wanted to check it out. Turns out I only had one option since they had either all sold out or all the styles hadn't reached the stores yet. I ended up with Peppermint Twist.
They currently run a promotion where you get $3 off the Sally Hansen nail polish strips and you also receive this little bag which is a perfect size to fit in a clutch.
They are also selling all Burt's Bees gift packs with lip balms/shimmers for $14.95 so I grabbed a trio of lip shimmers because I have been wanting to try them. They came in a handy case which also has a mirror inside. 
I know it's upside down but I received the colours Watermelon, Champagne and Rhubarb. I did some swatches (in the same order as above) and Champagne looks super sheer whereas the other two will give you lots more colour.
I can't wait to use these products. Since I have 3 Christmas parties to go to next week I am going to have to get my nail strips on. Hopefully the boss won't notice:) And I am already all over the lip shimmers, today is Champagne's time to shine.

What have you bought lately? Are you done with your Chrismas presents?



  1. I too am addicted to Priceline - I tell myself I won't buy anything...but we all know I'm only kidding myself!!
    Today I popped in and purchased the Australis HD Tinted Moisturiser (Did you review this recently?) as I normally use the Laura Mercier one, but wanted a more affordable one to use on my 3 days as a mum (home duties, groceries, walks etc) and save the expensive one for my 2 days of work (public life!). I haven't tried it yet, but am looking forward to it.
    I also purchased an Australis HD concealer palette and one of the blushes.

    I am keen to hear about the Sally Hansen stick on nails...I'll be watching out for this.

    I also 'popped in' to Priceline on Monday (addicted!) and took advantage of the Sally Hansen $3 off and bought the lip gloss that is supposed to make your lips expand...I've used it a few times - it feels like it works for about half and hour, then it's gone. Have you tried this?

    Love your blog!

  2. Oh Alison, I went back there today and ended up with more stuff, including Lanolips, another nail strip in the shade Snow Bunny (dont worry, a how to will be done for sure) and a tanning mitt. I really need to learn to go in there with just a list!

    I didn't review the Australis Tinted Moisturiser but I am using their Mineral Foundation at the moment and am really happy. It's really clever to divide up the use between expensive and cheep, what a great idea!

    I have tried the "expand your lips lio gloss" (can't remember the name) and can only remember a bit of tingling, smell of cinnamon and not much success. My lips are a bit big though so I guess it wouldn't work. It's a fun concept though:)


  3. Hi Ingrid,
    I have nominated you for the Liebster blog award! Have a look here:

  4. I really like those Sally Hansen Salon Effects! I have used the Houndstooth one and I have the fishnet one waiting to be used. My favourites are the lace one and the leopard print. I thought leopard would look really cheap, but it doesn't.

    Plus right now I'm wearing Burts Bees Tinted balm in Hibiscus.

    Ladies with good taste, we are ;)

  5. Cool, I can't wait to try them. They are a fantastic concept, I just can't wear them at work because of the grooming policy. I will still try though, just have to hide my hands from my boss.

    And I too have Hibiscus, very good taste we have : )

  6. Hello,
    Do the effects last long? I find that normal nail polish just doesn't last that long (with all the washing I do!!), so would be interested to know whether these will last longer?
    Would love to know more about the tanning mitt too!!
    Thanks again for your blog - am loving it!!

  7. That last post was from me - Alison.
    Just remembered my password for my (now unused) blog ID too...

  8. I am currently trialling the Sally Hansen strips and 6/10 nails have chipped in less than one day. It is probably me who have applied it too stretched so I will give my other set a try and hopefully I will have more success. I am loving the stripey design though:)

    With regards to normal nail polish, it is very important to use a base and top coat in order to get lasting results whilst protecting your nail band from damage. You can then apply a top coat every second day to keep the polish from chipping. I love the OPI base and top coats, they are fantastic and last forever.

    And I will give the tanning a try, I have never done self-tanning before so I am a bit nervous but I am sure it can't be too bad xx


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