New Purchase: OPI

In the hope of finishing all the Christmas shopping we went to Westfield yesterday morning. All the presents were bought and I was also able to sneak in a few presents for myself. David Jones has a really good range of OPI products and I know myself well enough to know that I shouldn't go in there because I never leave empty handed.

First I bought the OPI Original Nail Envy which is a nail strengthener. It also came with a free nail polish remover and remover pads which are perfect if you're lazy like me or are going travelling.
Next I got a Sweet Sensations handcream pack which includes 6 handcreams and they all smell delicous. It will be hard to give them away. I have made a gift pack with these and a gift voucher to my favourite nail salon for a shellac manicure.
I am most excited about this find. It is a set of OPI's 10 most popular shades in cute mini bottles. The pro-brush technology remains the same so it is still easy to apply. I can't wait to start experimenting!
Have you finished your Christmas shopping? Are you excited for presents, food and good company?



  1. These are great little gift sets! I remember when I first came across OPI, I spent the summer in California in 2008 and they were like two dollars each at the time, I bought loads!!

  2. Jimmi that's amazing! I wish I could have $2 OPI-bottles...=)

    I only got onto OPI when I moved here because I had pedicures all the time. They are so cheap here compared to in Norway.



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