Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you for taking the time to read, and for your comments, they have been a pleasure to read and respond to. I will still be blogging because I am working through until 28th December so it will be a pleasure to keep you company.
Since it is Christmas I needed to make sure my nails were very festive. My last attempt at the Sally Hansen nail stickers was not very successful but I was adament to give them another try. I had the Snowbunny design and armed with a great tip of ensuring the use of both a base and top coat I was sure second time around would be better. I used my new Sally Hansen base & top coat and I didn't have any air bubbles this time.
I really like the result although I probably won't be using them again because some of the strips don't fit my nails - they are either too large or too small but they do give you 4 thumnail-sized strips which I think is unnecessary. I also think at the cost of $10-$15 I can't justify it for more than special occassions.

Merrry Merry Christmas xxxx

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