Max 7 Light Facial at Bronzalicious round 2

You might remember from this post what I unhappily woke up with one morning. Not cool at all. I did make an urgent inquiry to Bronzalicious if I could have an appointment Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, since Bronzalicious are spray-tanning half of Sydney at the moment they didn't have availability but did I have time on Saturday? Of course I did, I was working at 3pm 50 metres away from the salon so what better way to start the day. The only problem was that my therapist from last time had the day off and I am always reluctant to be treated by someone else just in case they're not as good. I really shouldn't have worried.

The facial started with a back massage like last time, then a double cleanse, 3 minute peel (whilst having a head massage), extractions (how I love thee) and apparently since my skin is so dry my pores really like to stay in there but my therapist made them come out. We then moved on to the light, yay. I think I had green, red, purple and blue but who knows. After all I was in relaxation coma from having both a hand- and foot massage. The bliss. Afterwards a calming mask was applied, I was moisturised and ready to go to work. Only Priori AHA products were used which is suitable to my combination skin. I paid $209 for my facial.

Here is Mr Max 7 by the way. Very high tech!
My therapist was just as good as last time:) It goes to show that if a salon trains their staff properly there will be consistency in how they treat you which is better for all the clients. Bronzalicious does have a satisfaction guarantee which is important in case you are not happy with a treatment. 

The result was great as usual.
Yes it was still raining in Sydney on the weekend. Thankfully today it is sunny since I am being lazy with my hair again.

Have you tried light therapy yet? What is your perfect facial and how often do you go to your favourite salon?


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