Laser Teeth Whitening at the Smile Shop part 2

When I had my teeth whitened on Tuesday I was told that I had to stay away from any coloured foods for 72 hours. I thought it would be fine but I did find it quite hard, especially when colleagues were eating a strawberry mousse cake, pizza, pasta or if I was walking through the city thinking of food and everyone was eating things I couldn't have. I did make it and although Friday afternoon couldn't come fast enough I still had rice for lunch even though I was "colour-food-legal". Here is how I did it.

The night before I went out for dinner with my boyfriend and another couple. We had thai food (red chicken curry for me thanks), red wine and I had my favourite ice cream for dessert. I think it really helped having a great meal and some great company to think about for the next few days.
After the procedure on Tuesday I was in a lot of pain, I am a sensitive soul with sensitive teeth. I therefore didn't have much of an appetite in the afternoon, only for pain killers. Luckily the pain was gone by day 2. The only foods I ate over day 2 and day 3 was an array of breadrolls, vanilla youghurt, banana, ritz crackers, rice and some organic white chocolate. Drinking vanilla Up & Go's really helped too. The first meal I ended up having on Friday night was barbequed chicken, a vanilla strawberry cupcake and lots of white wine. It was a great feed and it was wonderful being able to eat normally again. I am still staying away from coffee, red wine and beetroot since they are very staining foods.

In terms of the dental care, every night I brushed my teeth, placed some teeth whitening gel in the moulds which I had on for 45 minutes, I rinsed out and applied tooth mousse for 3 minutes. Then it was time for beauty sleep. I will keep doing this until the teeth whitening gel runs out. My main motivation for doing it nightly (you can do it every other day too), is that I want to be done by Christmas.

If you missed my first post on the teeth whitening process, please click here.

Have you ever had to stay away from food because of teeth whitening or anything else? How did you cope?


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