How to get a Sleek Top Bun with no Frizz

I hope I'm not the only one who gets terribly frizzy hair and I also have a few fly aways that just won't be tamed with hair spray or serums. My hair is a bit lionish first thing in the morning.
I then brushed it with the help of O&M's No Knot spray to get those tangles out and put my hair up in a high ponytail.
Afterwards I twisted the hair in the ponytail around itself and afterwards I twisted the hair around the base of the ponytail. In order to secure the bun I used another hair band but you can also use bobby pins depending on the result you are after (I wanted/needed a corporate style). 
Now this would be all good if it wasn't for those annoying fly aways. Until I discovered this little pocket rocket I used to just get on with it since nothing worked. Pleased to introduce you to John Freida's Fly Away tamer which is an incredibly handy product. You apply it to your hair like you would apply mascara to your eye lashes. And a little goes a long way, I have had this product for 3 months now and still have plenty left.
Ta-da, the frizz is gone and my hair is ready for work. 
I forgot to take a photo from last night when I finished work (forgive me but it was after midnight and I needed zzzzzz) but my hair stayed the same all night. I didn't have to do any touch ups and that makes me a happy person.

What's your secret to a frizz free hair style? Have you tried any John Freida products?



  1. I love this tip! I am currently at work and I am living in frizz-city! I am going out this weekend to purchase. Can I get it from Priceline?? Thank you so much!!

  2. Hi Alison,

    Yes they have it at Priceline and it costs around $15 but it will last you a long time. Here's to fighting the frizz together:)


  3. I bought this and used it today for the first time - AMAZING! Thank you!
    I'm frizz-free!!!

  4. Yes! I am pleased it was a success:)

    It truly is a fantastic product. Since the sun is out in Sydney again my hair went frizzy this morning (go figure) and I had to use it again too. I hope they never discontinue it because it truly is a must-have!

  5. Thanks for the review! I'm going to get myself one now. :)

  6. Hi Ty, that's lovely to hear! You won't regret it, I promise X


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