Highlights at Wink Hair, round 2

I have been excitedly waiting for today for quite some time. I love getting my hair done and my hairdresser is a super star so it makes it even more fun. Just to give you a little bit of history, my hair has looked like this for 2 years, pretty dark and coloured on coloured on coloured (I got teensy addicted to the shine-factor).
This is my natural hair colour, and my first day at school (we don't wear uniforms in Norway).
Eventually I got bored and wanted to go lighter. I have done this before with mixed results and was therefore very honest with my new hairdresser, Jenelle, at Wink Hair. It was extremely important to me that the highlights would look even and natural. As she is an outstanding hairdresser she did super well and this is how my hair looked this morning, 8 weeks after the first round of highlights.
This morning I told her that I wanted to go a little bit lighter but it still had to be super even. Another bonus is that the manager of Wink Hair sends all new clients a $25 voucher redeemable for any services as long as it is used within 8 weeks of the first visit. Since today was my day off and I love being at the hairdresser at 9am on a Monday morning (no distractions, no other clients and more importantly peace and quiet:)) it just worked out perfectly. 
On a sidenote, if you are ever on Hunter Street in Sydney you simply must stop by Sugarbean which conveniently is Wink's neighbour, for a massive melted chocolate muffin, it is deliccimo!
I had a full head of highlights done and avoided the hair cut this time as I want to save a little money to use on Christmas presents instead. This is perfectly fine as long has your hair is receiving regular treatments. Including the toner, the whole process took about 2 hours but we took our time. 
I am stoked with the result, it is even and lighter and everything I asked for. I told you Jenelle is a super star!
I also needed a hair oil because my hair is quite damaged now. For the past month I have tried both Kerastase and Orofluido and since I was recommended Orofluido today I bought a gift pack which included the hair elixir as well as a treatment mask for free. Bonus:)
I can't wait to use these new toys, I am sure my hair will drink it up!

Do you colour your hair? Do you prefer salon or DIY?



  1. Love the new hair colour it looks fab!!
    Thank you for your brilliant blog.... it has become a staple in my morning coffee blog list, keep it up please!!

  2. Thanks Carly:) Hope you have a happy Tuesday! x


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