Hello Sunshine!

Since the weather in Sydney is playing up again and as the sun has gone into hiding I thought I would brighten up my day by doing yellow nails. I know Chanel released the limited edition Mimosa 557 earlier in the year but I just wasn't a fan at the time and wanted other colours. I have changed my mind thanks to the weather and since I knew Sportsgirl had a yellow nail polish available for the cool price of $7.95 so I went for that option instead. Am I the only one to go into a store planning to buy one thing and then ending up with more? On this occasion I bought 3 scarves, 2 headbands that are turbanish and the polish.
Here she is up close with her two friends from OPI:
The Nail It! Hello Sunshine is very sheer so I ended up doing 3 coats but it gave really good coverage. Thanks to the OPI RapiDry TopCoat it dried really fast so I didn't ruin the result.
I am really surprised that I like it so much but it feels like the perfect polish for a day off. 

What do you think? Have you tried yellow nail polish before? Is the weather terrible where you are too?

Update: Hello Sunshine has staying factor but my right thumb nail chipped on the second day.



  1. The only yellow polish that I have tried is the MNY colorama one, but it is very sheer as well and dries a little patchy. This one looks fabulous!!

  2. Hi Tegan,

    This polish was a little bit sheer after the first coat, that's why I did 3. I really like it, the colour really pops and it is so nice and bright! Also make sure you use a nice base and top coat to avoid the patchiness x

  3. Oh i love the colour, but being pale I dont think it will suit me. :(

  4. It really is a crazy colour isn't it? But it is so much fun to experiment. It may be too bright but all I know is that it is an extremely cheerful nail colour to wear x


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