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My name is Ingrid and I am an illuminator-addict. You name it, I have pretty much tried them all. I was therefore really excited to get the chance to try Face of Australia's new Mineral Therapy Illuminator.
There are four colours in the collection and I received Angel Flame and Angel Glow. You can use it on your body and your face and since it has mineral ingredients it is suitable for even the most sensitive of skins. I have tried using it a multitude of ways but keep discovering new opportunities too. For instance, if you want an all over body glow, mix a little bit of Angel Glow in with your body lotion. No tanning required.

Angel Glow is the perfect bronzer, but please - only use a little bit as the illuminator has such great coverage that a teensy bit is enough.
All bronzed up and ready to run out the door!
Another day, another Angel Glow...

Angel Fire on the other hand is a really great pinkish blush and again, use a tiny bit of product because it will get you very far. Both illuminators are really handy at faking a healthy glow, especially since the weather in Sydney at the moment is far from sunny.

Today is my day off so I wanted my skin to look healthy but still be able to breathe without covering it with a lot of makeup. 
I mixed some Angel Glow in with my Mineral Inject foundation from Australis (in the shade nude).
I mixed about 40% Glow and 60% foundation together and spread it evenly over my face.
The result:
I still wanted some more colour so I applied Angel Fire as a blush to my cheeks.
I really really like the dewy finish it gives you, and it also adds a little sparkle to your day. It is also fun to do something new with makeup since I've been using a mineral powder blush/bronzer for ages whereas now I have new toys to play with and new looks to figure out.

The Face of Australia Mineral Therapy Illuminators are 50 mls each so a pretty gigantic size and since you need to use such little product every time, it will last for aaaaages. The RRP is $14.95 and available from Priceline, BigW, KMart and FashionAddict.com.au which delivers nationally and internationally.

What's your favourite illuminator? Have you tried this illuminator yet?



  1. angel fire looks really nice, I think i would be too dark for the bronze one though!!

  2. It is a great shade and gives a lovely warmth to your skin. I guess it depends how much of the Angel Glow you use but it has great coverage:)

  3. Ohhh these look good. I can't wait to try them :)

  4. I really like them! It's fun doing my makeup in a different way and there are so many ways to use these illuminators x

  5. These illuminators look lovely, I especially am drawn to the bronzey one! x

  6. it' s beautiful :)


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