December I Love This Box

This was the second month of the I Love This Box and my first month as a subscriber. My expectations were high as I had seen what was in the first box and it looked amazing and such great value for money. I understand that the boxes can't be the same every month but last month had several full-size products and this month there was none unless you count the lip balm.
When it comes to presentation the pink box is very cute, but the main box had not been sealed which is a security issue. They were also meant to send a Merry Christmas sticker which you could stick on top of the logo if you wanted to gift the box to someone at Christmas but I didn't receive it.
As it is a Christmas-themed box it was appropriately wrapped in green paper and with red paperstreams inside.
And this is what greeted me when I opened the box. Very festive but there was no card describing the contents so I don't know the RRP of anything or how big the full sizes should be.
The samples were as follows: Simply Organic Every Day Hair & Scalp Wash & Rinse, Simply Organic Lip Balm (I love organic products so can't wait to try them out), a Gatineau Exfoliating Body Gel and two samples of Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck fragrance (I am not a celebrity fragrance fan) and an Adorn bronzer/eyeshadow.
I then also received a bauble for my Christmas tree, a snowflake pendant from Magnolia and a $10 discount voucher.
All in all I can't make up my mind about this box, on the upside it was nice and festive and I do want to try the organic samples + mineral bronzer. The Gatineau sample is tiny though and will only cover one application and there was also attention to detail missing in relation to the information sheet and sticker not being there. I will keep my subscription for one more month so hopefully next box will be more exciting.

Update: I Love This Box were very quick to respond to me and have sent me the sticker and emailed me the detail sheet. I am very appreciative of this as good service is very important to me.

Update 2: I have now tried the Adorn bronzer and I love it. Here is the result. I am so grateful to I Love This Box for showing me this amazing mineral brand.



  1. Thats really odd you were missing those things, I got mine yesterday and I had the card, sticker and seal intact. It sounds like the admin side of your box was missed out on but at least all of your products were there. My bauble had no string though so I couldnt hang it on the tree! This was my first time getting the box but I'm not too sure I'm gonna stay subbed to this one, will see what comes in next month!

  2. Hi JImmi Lou, yes it was quite strange but I saw a lot of people on facebook having the same problem...

    I will also keep my subscription for one more month, their customer service is really amazing x


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