December GlossyBox

At first I didn't even realise that December's GlossyBox had arrived. Thankfully an honest neighbour had let me know because it had been left downstairs by the apartment entrance and I had completely missed it yesterday so I received a nice suprise this morning! My expectations of the box were pretty high since I was so satisfied with November's box.

I still think the packaging is so gorgeous!
There were 5 products in this months box. 
First I'll show you the samples; Clinique's Turnaround Overnight Radiant Moisturizer (rrp$90) and John Frieda's Frizz-Ease Secret Weapon Flawless Finishing Creme (rrp $16.99). I really like some Clinique products and then there are others that just don't work on me but I will be giving this moisturiser a try. Probably on my upcoming 1 week holiday because it's the perfect travel-size of 7ml. My love affair with John Frieda's Fly Away Tamer is well documented so I really look forward to trying this secret weapon! I am a frizz-fighting champion and always ready to try new products to win the battle. There is also a card from Clinique which gives you a consulation at any of their Myer and David Jones Stores, they will analyse your skin and give you a 7-day sample of your perfect foundation.
As this was a special box just in time for Christmas (and it also included a candy cane but it broke), GlossyBox had brought out the big guns and added three full-size products which is just exceptional value for money.

I received Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength Diamond Shine Base and Top Coat (rrp $16.45) which I've actually used before and had really good experiences with. It's also a great combination product since you only need one bottle for the base and top coat. You can also apply this every other day to your manicure to extend the life of your polish.  Next was a Gorgeous Cosmetics Lip Pencil (rrp $25) in the shade Entourage which conveniently is my favourite TV show. I have never tried any of their products so I really look forward to seeing if the lip liner will go the distance. Lucky last is a blue gem from Tigi Haircare called Manipulator by Bed Head (rrp $23.95). It is a texturiser which adds volume so I'll be interested to see how it works in my knotty hair. What I know for now is that it smells so delicious of bubblegum and the gunky product is light blue. I hope I won't end up with blue hair; ) 
I am again really excited by this months box - I will use most of the products, although I am still not convinced of how the Manipulator will work in my hair. That's the fun thing about these sample boxes because even if it doesn't work, I've only paid $14.95 including shipping so I am still satisified. 

Have you received any sample boxes this month? What would you like to try out of these products? 

Update: I have now tried the Diamond Shine base and top coat and the result is here.



  1. Thanks so much for your review. I am waiting for mine. I love love this month box. THanks again.

  2. I wish there wasn't Clinique samples; just go to Myer and ask, plus Myer send them out all the time. That is a one month sample though.

    Love John Frieda's Frizz-Eaze range.

    Was hoping the box would be red like it is in the UK for this month.

    I think everyone receives this same box cause I've seen a few picks of the same stuff.

    Check out my $124 MAC giveaway!

  3. You're welcome Crystal, I hope it arrives soon:)

    Jaci you are right, it is easy to get the Clinique samples but I am happy with not having to ask too. A Chrismas-red box would have been cool!


  4. I couldn't help having a peek, I prob wont get mine before xmas though :( Products seem good, agree about the red boxes they were perfect for some festive spirit!

  5. Oh Jimmi Lou, I am sure you'll receive it soon enough xx


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