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We all love to have a facial done professionally, there really is nothing better. However, in order to make sure our skin looks as good as it can, it is important to look after it at home too. Twice a week I exfoliate, reduce pores, re-hydrate, plump up the eye area and do a hair treatment. I awlays make sure I have worked out first so that my skin has started sweating out toxins. Origins, which you can buy at Kit Cosmetics, is my choice for treatment masks.
The Origins Out of Trouble & Clear Improvements Masks are both marvellous, and they treat acne, exfoliate and reduce pores. Both are 10 minute masks that suit all skin types. The Clear Improvement Mask uses charcoal and white China clay in order to minimise those pesky pores. The Out Of Trouble smells really minty and uses Sulfur, Zinc Oxide, Camphor and the hard-working Salicylic Acid to treat pimples and clear up your skin.  
I apply both masks at once, the Out of Trouble around the chin area and a little bit on the nose and forehead, and the Clear Improvements on the chin area, nose area and forhead. I always avoid my cheeks as my skin is sensitive there. A head's up, it does make you look like you are at an army camp so make sure you do it when you are home alone. Here is a visual:
After 10 minutes I rinse it off with a cloth and move on to the hydration part. 
The Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask is wonderful to wear on an international flight, or at home in the evening when your skin is desperate for some hydration. It is packed with wonderful ingredients such as avocado, apricot and Japanese seaweed. You can also use it as a 10 minute mask which I often do. Moving on to my eye area which always has dark circles, it is genetic (thanks family), but certain things can assist with reducing the darkness. Lots of water, healthy eating and the Origins No Puffery Cooling Mask for Eyes is a great combination to re-plump the eye area. It contains hoelen mushrooms and yeast extract to fight the dark and tired circles. I keep the Cooling Mask in the fridge so it's extra cold and it's just so nice. Cucumbers eat your heart out. 

Whilst my face is being treated by amazing masks, I move on to looking after my very colour-treated hair. I recently ordered the O&M the Power Base mini which is very good for hair that has been coloured, sun and heat damaged. 
After the Power Base has been applied to my hair, I take a piece of gladwrap and wrap it around the hair so that it can heat up and treat the hair faster and better. When I rinse it out in the shower I use this genious wide-toothed comb which has a handle which can be hung in the shower to comb the hair. This can also be used on conditioners as well, reducing the chance of tangled hair.

What's your favourite home care? How often do you do treatment masks?


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