Adorn Mineral Cosmetics

In December's I Love This Box I received a small sample of Adorn Mineral Cosmetics' Summer Bronzer/Eye Shadow. I do love a good bronzer and I simply had to put it to the test immediately. I have to admit I was not familiar with the brand but I am a fan of anything mineral. Adorn is also cruelty-free which I really like. I have also found out that they do a free customised colour matching service online.
Since I have been so diligent in applying sunscreen to my face every morning I have literally no colour at all on my little mug:)
I knew I would need some colour to give my face some glow but I didn't think little Adorn would have what it takes. Boy was I wrong - it really packs a punch!
I applied a little bit to my Body Shop face and body brush (also cruelty-free) which is massive in comparison to this little pot of gold.
I only used a little bit and the result was super-strong. The amount above is all I used for both my cheeks and I had to blend blend and blend again because it truly is a dark bronzer. I really liked the way it looked and it will definitely be part of my new party look from now on. 

I hope you have had a great time off so far. I did some shopping this afternoon and bought a new camera (as a presents from my parents) so hopefully my pictures will be super-nice from now on...: ) The salesman won some points since he commented on my nails, he was very impressed.


  1. I havn't tried it yet but it looks good!

  2. Thanks Jimmi Lou, it had such great coverage. As long as you blend it really well you will be fine xx


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