To dimple or not to dimple

I was born with a dimple in my left cheek. Funnily enough my sister has one on her right cheek.

Many celebrities have dimples too including Miranda Kerr, Cheryl Cole, Leighton Meester, Mario Lopez and Kellan Lutz. A dimple is actually a natural indentation in your skin caused by the muscle underneath. 

I was therefore shocked to learn that it has become common procedure by plastic surgeons, mainly in the US, to do what's called a dimple-plastie.  The 10-minute procedure can cost between 2k - 5k and one reason it is done is because having a dimple is associated with youthfulness. I wouldn't judge anyone having this procedure but I do think they might have taken it a bit too far.

Do you have something unique like a birth mark or a beauty spot? xx

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