Sun Protection

In Australia, it is a very well-known fact that the sun is super-strong. Even on a cloudy day the weather report will advise that the UV-risk is high. In order to be protected and reduce your risk for sun-damage, using SPF 15+ - 30+ products daily is very important.
For the body I love to use the Hissyfit body double 30+ which is more like a body lotion and bonus points for being a pump-bottle. It also smells divine with vanilla, almond, orange and grapefruit being the core ingredients. I really like sunscreens that don't smell like they are sunscreens. The next super-star is the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist which is also 30+, it protects with helioplex technology against both uva+uvb rays and it's also water resistant for 4 hours. I love to use this when I am going to the beach by myself so that I can spray my back which is a hard-to-reach spot. A new favourite is the Sportsgirl Protect Me (thanks Primped) sunscreen, 30+ and it also smells glorious. It feels more like a body lotion and it will last for a long time since my boyfriend won't borrow it due to its girly smell. Winner. Sportsgirl also doesn't test on animals, they only test on Sportsgirls. 

An area that often gets forgotten about when it comes to sun-protection is our hands. The Natio Wellness hand cream 15+ smells divine and it sinks easily into your hands. Your hands will feel more moisturised and also be protected against the sun. It's just glorious.

Now, onto our face, neck and d├ęcolletage. It is easy to only focus on the face but please remember your ears and the upper torso too - the sun's rays find you everywhere. 

Invisible Zinc (which also doesn't test on animals) has a great range of SPF-products which all protects against uva+uvb rays, including the Tinted Daywear in Light which is a marvellous tinted moisturiser. It also comes in a Medium. The next favourite is the ESP Environmental Skin Protector which is also a 30+ moisturiser and it's great to use in the morning underneath your makeup. The UV Silk Shield Foundation was the first stick-foundation I have used but I am completely sold. It also matches to your skintone so that it looks even and just very pretty. I have it in the shade Medium, the two other shades available is Light and Tan.
Neutrogena also does sunscreen for the face and it's called the Healthy Defence daily moisturiser. This sample is for normal/combination skin and is also 30+. The scent is quite neutral and does not irritate sensitive skin.
Lucky last is the L'Oreal Paris UV Perfect Advanced uva+uvb protector 30+ moisturiser. It is a great day-cream and it's handy size is very handbag-friendly.

Lastly, our beautiful hot-lips. I have learnt it the hard way how important it is to protect the lip area since I have 3 very annoying freckles on my top lips. Lesson learnt. Never leaving the house again without spf-protection on my lips again. 
The Kit Cosmetics Essential Kit lip balm spf 15 has a lemon, grapefruit & peppermint flavour and it is very mositurising. 
The Lanolips in Mulberry is a newly acquired favourite and the colour is beautyful and it also contains spf 15.
Lastly, and more protective with it's 30+ powers is the Hissyfit lip service. It's small but powerful and it contains shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin e. 

I hope you too are prepared for a fantastic and warm summer xx


  1. i love hissyfit and IZ and i always see the sportsgirl protect me but never buy it.. i will be buying it next time I go shopping! it sounds great, and will be perfect for festivals :)

  2. IZ is the bomb isn't it? The foundation is divine and skin-matches to your natural tone. I really want to try Hissyfit makeup.

    I know how it is, when I am in Sportsgirl I am too focused on the accessories and the bags and the clothes... It will defniitely be perfect for festivals, which ones are you going to this year? I haven't locked anything in yet xx


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