Remington Perfect Curl

My hair is pretty straight with occasional waves through it when I let it dry naturally. It is also quite fine so it doesn't get a lot of volume unless I do the usual trick of blow-drying it upside down. I usually have my hair in a ponytail or top bun for work and as a luxury I wear it loose on my days off. Curly hair has only been done (by others) for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings and hen's night. Thanks to the gorgeous Remington Perfect Curl curls (done by me) will become a regular hair style.

Isn't it gorgeous? I went to three different Pricelines to find it so you can imagine my joy at getting a new toy! It costs $40, just FYI.
Basically all you do is push the button and it heats up really quickly. Then you place a part of your hair in the clip and twist it around. It is super easy and your hands will not get burnt due to the protection around where you place the hair.

The close-up. If you do larger parts of the hair in the clip at the same time they will be more loose and a little bit droopy. If you have the patience, curl small sections at the time as this will give the vava-voom curls you might be looking for. Either or it just delivers great results.
The heat protectant I use is from Kerastase. It smells divine and since their products are so concentrated you only need to use a 5 cent piece each time. The hairspray is from the aforementioned Priceline, it is a perfect handbag size.
I have finally started using my Original Mineral products. Both the No Knot and the Thickening Spray smell good enough to eat and work really well in my hair. I use the Glisten Mop shine drops which does a great job of keeping my frizzy hair in check. It also has organic ingredients and protects against UV rays.

I finally did my own curls! It also volumised my hair which is a great bonus. On the lips is the gorgeous Lanolips in Mulberry

It was easy to curl the back-section too so I am really happy. It was torrential rain in Sydney that evening but the curls remained and lasted the whole night.

Are you a curl clutz? Maybe you could benefit from Zoe Foster's brilliant video on MamaMia which explains how to hold the curling iron to get the perfect curls. I might be ready to graduate to a proper curling iron after having used the Perfect Curl for a while so this video will be saved in my favourites folder.

Do you love curls as much as I do? 
What are your tools of the trade?



  1. I really love this curler. It is so easy and quick. The great thing is the curls all look similar. Whenever i've tried to curl with a normal curler it just never looks good all over.

  2. I agree, consistency is really the key for good curls. This is definitely a great tool to practice with!

  3. I love my perfect curler so much, before it I could never do good curls... such a bargain at $40!

  4. You are so right Emma, this is truly a bargain for sure:) I also love that the risk of burning my fingers is extremely low due to the protective gard.

  5. Looks great! I did curls using my straightener over the weekend but forgot to take photos for my blog. :(

  6. I would love to see it, I am sure they were beautiful. I get ghd curls done for me, I am not yet able to do it myself x

  7. Hi,
    Do you think this would work on a Lob? About collar bone length? I LOVE the look of the soft curls but I'm just not sure if it would work with shorter hair?

  8. Hi there,

    I just used it again today and I am pretty sure you can, because you can clip the ends of your hair at the beginning of the curler and then just twist upwards. It doesn't hurt because of the protecting guard x

  9. Hi, do you think this would work on longer hair? Mine's about middle of my back. Love your blog as always!

  10. I think it would but it will only twist your hair so far so you would have to twist the upper section of your hair around the barrel again or doing it in two sections. My hair gets loose curls from this but I like it:)


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