Pretty in Pink

As much as I love the terriffic Peridot, I had to change my nails today since I was going back to work. Last week I was at the pharmacy to pick up some antibiotics and I bought a pink Natio polish in the Carmellia-shade as a little treat.

The tools of the trade includes the trusty OPI Base Coat and RapiDry Top Coat as usual:
 I am really happy with the result.

Two layers ended up being suprisingly candy pink, I thought it would be more sheer.

The best thing about it all? The polish was only $10.

Am I the only one who always applies nail polish/remove it on a glossy magazine? It saves the table and it gives me something pretty to look at.

Update: The polish chipped after 3 days. I think that's okay for the quality but I wish it would have lasted a little bit longer.



  1. Love that colour! May have to stop by the chemist tomorrow...

  2. It is a great colour isn't it Emma? I am still so surprised that it was that pink and thanks to the top coat the nails are really shiny too. Win-Win.


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