Peridot in my heart

I adore nail polish, I think it's such a fun way to play up your look and there are so many opportunities. You can match your fingers with your toes, or do a proper mismatch, you can match it to your lipstick or makeup or your dress. Nail polish is also a very cheap way to stay current with new nail-trends if that's what you prefer.

I like a mix of both - I need to have neutral nails for work due to the grooming policy and then I like to go all out for special occassions, weddings and just days off. My polish of choice at the moment is Chanel's limited edition Peridot. It is difficult to fully describe the colour because it is that amazing. I will try and show you in the photos below.

Here are the tools of the trade. Sorry about the flash but it's dark outside. It's the Peridot, the OPI Natural BaseCoat and RapiDry TopCoat. The nail file of choice is just a simple Manicare file and a shine buffer.

And here is the super-star up close:
Here are some snap-shots of the polish, I truly hope I have done it justice. It looks metallic green/golden/shiny. It also has great coverage. I applied two coats but one is actually enough. 

It did cost $39 which is a lot for a nail polish but it's not an everyday purchase and I haven't seen anything similar from the likes of OPI, Essie, Sally Hansen & Co. The Chanel-salesman also threw in a few samples which is always a nice suprise! It's not like I am going to be able to own a Chanel-bag anytime soon so this will be my little bit of luxury for now


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  2. Thank you Winda,

    Your blog is great too. The Versace for H&M launch looked amazing!



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