My first Adorder

I have subscribed to the Adore Beauty newsletter for a while but I had not placed an order yet. On Tuesday I received the newsletter as usual and it advised that the first 100 people to order would receive a mini-goodie bag. I always like surprises and I always "need" new beauty products so I thought, why not - now seems like a great time to place an order.

When I received my package I was very excited!

Opening it was even more exciting! 

I ordered a little something for my hair and a little something for my lips. My list of haircare products is pretty endless but there is always room for more. Original Mineral has just released a collection of mini-products so I thought I'd try a couple without breaking the bank. I also can't wait to try the full-size No Knot spray since my hair is more tangly than seaweed. The mini-products are the Power Base which is a protein masque for damaged hair and the Atonic Thickening Spritz which is a setting spray. Here is the closeup:

I try to not use products with parabens in them on my lips - they just don't moisturise as well and for me it works best with natural products. Lucas Paw Paw ointment is banned in my assortment of lipbalms.
For the lips I went with two favourites; The Burt's Bees trusted lipbalm with mango flavour, yum!  Lanolips is another winner, this time I ordered the limited and very on-trend coloured Mulberry, which also has SPF 15 protection.

And now, on to the bonus-goodies:

For anyone wondering, yes the picnic is gone already!

These deluxe samples are: Becca's The Ultimate Mascara 8 ml in the colour bronze, Thierry Mugler's Angel Eau de Toilette 3 ml, Guinot Longue Vie Corps Vital Body Care 30 ml, Ole Henriksen's truth serum collagen booster 7 ml, Alpha-H's Triple Action Cleanser 15 ml and finally Ojon's damage reverse 15 ml which is an instant restorative hair serum. I am so excited - new beauty products are like shiny new toys to me.

 Finally, a closeup of the miniature Angel, too cute!

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  1. Great to get all of those goodies! I need to visit that site more often for sure!


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