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The December issue of the Madison magazine comes with a complimentary butter London polish as well as having the gorgeous Australian model Jessica Gomes on the beautiful cover. I am a big fan of butter London since their polishes are non toxic as they don't contain DPB, formaldehyde or toluene. The polishes also have really cool names, and the one I received is called Trout Pout. I really like the way the bottle is designed and the butter London nail polish is super easy to apply.

Just a little tip on the side, I use alcohol and acetone free nail polish remover pads from Kit Cosmetics because they are really good, acetone is pretty bad for you and I am lazy so it's a win-win situation.

And the result. I was actually surprised that the colour was so strong (2 layers and OPI base & top coat as usual). I thought it would be pinker but it is actually quite orange. I think I might have stumbled upon the perfect summer colour. Unfortunately the colour is too strong for work so I will have to take it off before the boss sees it. Luckily I am going to a friend's barbeque so I can show them off before they have to go.

It truly is a beautiful and glossy shade. Butter London polishes always have great coverage and lasts forever. I also have the shade Fash Pack which is a beautiful taupe colour with some gold glitter in it.

What are you rocking on your nails at the moment? Something fun, dark, neutral or nothing?


Update: Unfortunately the polish on one finger started to chip after one day. Maybe it was because it was such a hot weekend and it may not have dried properly. The other nine nails were still super-strong.


  1. I picked the other colour as i have so many pinks, but now i wish i had got the pinky colour! hahaha It looks really gorgeous. I haven't tried my colour yet. Will do it later in the week. Hope you enjoyed your BBQ :)

  2. I also have many pink shades but this one was truly a standout. I am sure the other shade will be absolutely beautiful, it's a great shade.

    The BBQ was great, especially the delicious passionfruit caprinias xx

  3. That colour is so pretty! I actually thought it was the Kit shade, though! It comes out almost coral on!

  4. It is a great colour! It does look very similar to the kit shade:)


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