Imagine my delight when I just came home from a long day at work to find this beauty sitting on my door step.
If you think the box is pretty, the packaging actually took my breath away - it was so thoughtfully done and well-presented. I am a sucker for pretty packaging and GlossyBox definitely delivered.
This is what greeted me upon opening the gift. 

The box included a 5 ml Jurlique Purely Age-Defying Ultra Firm and Lift Cream + a 15% voucher on Jurlique products (use it quickly - it expires 30th November),  a full-size Bio-Oil (60 ml), a Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil (15 ml), a full-size mirenesse 3D forever gloss, a mini Essie nail polish in the shade Meet Me At Sunset (5 ml) and pink jelly beans. Absolutely loving it!

I am most excited about the Bobbi Brown cleansing oil and the Essie polish. Maybe I declared the perfect summer shade too soon? 

I am really pleased with the box and I can't wait to start trying the products. And eating the jelly beans of course.

Here is a photo of me wearing the Mirenesse gloss. It's a great nude shade. I will be posting on little Miss Essie later today.



  1. I would love to see what colour your nail polish and lip gloss look like. I received a mulberry plum lip gloss and a bright pink nail polish

  2. So glad I signed up for the Dec box, hoping it's awesome for Christmas...this one is great! Love the look of that nail polish, hope to see some pics up here soon :)

    Also you'll love the Bobbi Brown cleansing oil. I got the same sample in the look book gift bag and absolutely loved it!


  3. Yes I will try the polish tomorrow. I can tell it won't be work-appropriate so might as well wait for my days off:)

    The excitement of opening the box was great and I am really happy with the contents. I started using the Bobbi Brown cleansing oil last night. I do think I will like the Nude cleansing oil better since it's organic but I will give it a try. xx

  4. I love my November glossybox! I got a red lipgloss and a coral orange nail polish. Love! I've been needing a new Bio Oil so this was perfect timing for me. I'm trying out my cleansing oil tonight.

  5. I am not liking my red lipgloss much. :(

    I'm a bit over getting red glosses/lipsticks in my trial boxes...I'd so love a nude for a change, sigh.

    Not a big fan of the BB oil either, I much prefer Shu Uemura's!

    I've done my review now!

  6. Hi Nadia, I agree, I am about to try the nail polish later, it's such a hot shade. I have never used Bio Oil before but it's got a great reputation so I am excited.

    And MadeUpMaiden, I am about to read your blog post about the box, I'm nearly scared to see what condition it came in, it's just sad. The Shu Uemera oil is heaven, I do agree. xx

  7. I received the exact same products as you did, however, the lipgloss shade was a dark brown shade! I did a swatch on my hand it turned out to be a pretty purple/red shade. Despite that, I wasn't impressed with the scent of the gloss as it was really off-putting!

  8. Hi Rose, have you tried the gloss yet? I am so bad, can't remember if my gloss smelt bad but I haven't used it much because it was drying out my lips. The nail polish is a total winner though:)


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