Eye Shadow Trial 1

I am sure I'm not the only one who half-way through the day finds out that 63% of my eye shadow is missing. On hot days I don't even bother wearing any, only eyeliner because I know it won't stick. I have therefore decided to try different shadows and see how long-lasting they really are. I won't be using a primer as I want to see how they perform without it. Today we are trialling this little number.

Meet Napoleon Perdis Ultra Pearl shade 42. The colour looks quite dark but when applied it's surprisingly sheer.

Excuse the mess, but I'll confess, I am a messy eye-shadower.

This picture was taken at the glorious time of 7 this morning.

Just a reminder, the weather in Sydney today was pretty awful. Rain, 16-18 degrees and lots of wind.

I haven't touched up today at all and the makeup still stuck. 

This phot was taken at 6 pm just FYI.

Very impressed Napoleon. 

I guess we won't know until it potentially survives on 30 degree day but I am hopeful. 



  1. such a cute color on you! love it



  2. Thanks Audrey, I am really happy with it. It will be the go-to eye shadow when I don't have the energy to think in the morning:) x


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