Beautiful Brows

Eye-brows truly frame your face. Some people have super-thin ones, others have bushy Brooke Shields brows and anything in between. I love going to Lien Davies who is based in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and she is truly a queen of eyebrow-shaping. I found this great blog called boldnaturaleyebrows which has lots of inspiration when it comes to natural brows.

I truly believe eyebrows are an art and I like mine on the fuller side. As much as we would like our eyebrows to be identical, they cannot and are not mirror images of themselves - they are sisters not twins. Mine are especially uneven but with a bit of manipulation and the assistance from Lien, they look pretty good now. Here is a before shot (excuse the quality) and they really needed a good tidy-up:

The after-shot. Ta-da! Lien is just the best.

Here are my favourite tools for filling in my brows on a daily basis.
It's the Natio brow-kit, the Benefit Cosmetics instant brow pencil which has a spooly brush on one end and a waxy pencil on the other end. I have it in the colour medium to dark. Lastly, a little pocket-rocket of a kit which is the b collection by Bloom Cosmetics brow box which is only stocket at Target.

This is what the kits contain;
The Bloom-kit includes a brow gel, a brow pencil, mini-tweezers, a mini-mirror, brow brush, brow powder and brow wax. It is also packaged with some cute brow-stencils for those who want to shape their brows DIY. The Natio compact includes two brow powders, one light and one medium, a brow was, a brow brush, a spooly brush, mini-tweezers and a mirror. They are both perfection and perfect for your handbag and for travelling.

How do you like your brows done?



  1. Your brows look lovely! LOve ths blog!

  2. Thank you. I am trying to maintain them now but I am really lazy about it so they're not that great at the moment. Thanks for enjoying the blog:)

  3. how much did it cost to go to Lien, if you don't mind me asking? x

  4. Hi Bella,

    I apologies for the delay in reply. It costs $50 per appointment. For the first appointment you can choose to do a 60 minute one which also includes a makeup consultation and that costs $100. I didn't do this, just the brows. Let me know if you have any other questions xx

  5. Randomly found your blog on ninemsn in an article about brows, love the way yours look!

  6. I found your post when I was doing research on how eyebrow tinting works. I wanted to ask how much the Benefit Cosmetics instant brow pencil cost?

    My website is at www.seoulbrow.com btw if you are interested in seeing what I write about :)


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