DIY Pedicure

Let me just pre-face this post with a warning - if you don't like toes, please look away! I usually have a pedicure at least once a month but I just haven't had time in December so my poor tootsies were getting quite neglected. I am not proud of this at all and it is a good reminder that your feet deserve some TLC regularly.
A few weeks ago I bought some really cool/childish nail separators from Kit Cosmetics. They are very wide but they do a great job in separating your toes.
The tools I used were the Nail Remover Pads, the Sally Hansen Diamond Shine Base Coat, Rimmel's 60 second nail polish in black and the OPI RapiDry Top Coat.

I have to say I found the Rimmel Nail Polish really hard to apply. There is no movement in the brush, it is more like a slob and it was hard to get an even result. I did not succeed.

At least the colour is super cool!
Dunnski. My toes are now ready to be shown off:) I loved that it was a 60 second polish but it was actually really hard to use. I prefer OPI & Chanel, I am pretty set in my ways.
How often do you have pedicures? Do you usually match the colour on your toes to your fingernails? I like it to mismatch because it is fun to play around with more colours.



  1. Hello, those toe separators are really cute. I think I need some. I usually get a pedicure and shellac my toes every 6 weeks. Then I completely ignore them. I run a little and my toes are not too pretty. See how I blame it on running instead of genetics. I am sure they have been ugly my whole life. Rachel xxx


  2. I have tried Shellac on my finger nails but not on the toes, that's a great idea. I am going to try a Geleration pedicure later in the month, apparently that’s meant to last for 4 weeks. And I am about to start running again, be still my heart – I am so out of shape at the moment xx


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