Waxaway review


A couple of weeks ago I received a newsletter in the mail from Primped about a Waxaway giveaway. The first 200 to click like on facebook would receive a pack of products. I was one of the lucky 200 and I have finally tried the products.

The pack contained a Precision Wax Wand, a Bump Eraser, an After Care Lotion, a Salon Wax and a GRIP tweezer which has a handy little brush at the end for the brows. Got to love products with more than one function.

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How to conceal a pimple which has its own postcode

How to conceal pimples

Yesterday morning I woke up with a very noticeable pimple on my chin. It's not the first time it has happened so I had a few tricks up my sleave. I also called Bronzalicious straight away and booked in for another Light Therapy facial.

I knew I had to use an arsenal of my favourite products (new and old) in order to feel comfortable in public.

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Sally Hansen Digital Nails

Digital nails

This morning I wanted to try my brand new Sally Hansen Diamond Shine base and top coat which I received in December's GlossyBox. I also had a Sally Hansen Hi-Definition Nail Colour in the shade Digital 06. It's really hot pink and fun!

I really like that the base and top coat is combined as it streamlines the process. I did find it hard to apply the nail colour because the brush is quite long...

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Do you mousse?

Ultimate Styling Mousse

Mousse usually brings back bad memories from the eighties and it used to be something that created semi-hairstyles like Cam Diaz in Something About Mary. However they have been re-invented and when I recently took stock of my hair products I found three hair mousses lying around, all from Schwarzkopf. This is one of the reasons I need to do Project 50 Pan. Mousse used to make my hair even more tanglier but thanks to the Tangle Teezer, this is not an issue anymore.

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Winter Body Saviour

Moisturising during winter

Moisturising in winter can be so hard because it's freezing and it's the last thing you want to do before putting on your clothes after a shower. Also, why have they not invented bra-warmers yet? Oh well. I like things to be convenient and I am therefore loving this Neutrogena combo because they both come with pumps. It is just so easy, no unscrewing a lid required and the products are of a generous 250ml size so they last a while. I bought mine from Priceline for $12.99 each and I have not been disappointed.

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Fighting Pores with Benefit and Origins

Pores with Benefit and Origins

It may sound silly but I didn't actually know I had pores until about a year ago when I discovered them at the Benefit counter in Myer. My pores are actually hidden by the freckles on my nose but that doesn't make them any less annoying. Pores will never go away but you can reduce their appearance and it doesn't need to be very hard.

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Shellac nail polish

Last year I jumped onto Shellac pretty quickly because I heard so many raves from girlfriends and I loved the idea of my nail polish not chipping too quickly. What made me stop getting it was that I wanted to change my colour more often and also the process is a little time consuming. For Christmas I gave a voucher for Shellac and got one back from my bf's sister so we organised to go last Thursday. My nails were in desperate need of a good file and shape because in my experience shellac makes your nails stronger (not like acrylics) I wanted them to get nice and long with no chips or splits.

When I first started having Shellac manicures done there were not many choices of colour but I saw that a lot of new ones had been launched since I last had it done. I knew I needed a neutral colour because of work and I don't mind a pretty pink so because you can layer shellac colours I got one shade of Strawberry Smoothie and one shade of Romantic. They are both different shades of pink.

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Perfect facial bronzer

Facial bronzer

When I was in uni I used to have a facial every month. It was just routine and a priority to me. Fast-forward to after graduation and I moved suburbs, worked full-time and I couldn't find a place that suited me. I have tried 5 salons in the past 2 years and I was just tired of filling out a new form everywhere and also being questioned (more like interrogated) by the beauty therapist about my skincare regime. One therapist tried to sell me a $250 serum which is diamond infused with water for hydration. I am 24 and can just drink more water instead. It grew quite tiresome and I just didn't go as often.

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How to DIY - Remove Shellac Polish

DIY remove polish

A few weeks ago I jumped on the Shellac train again and everything was going well until I noticed a chip on my right pointy finger on Sunday night. Due to us not having any hot water I couldn't remove the shellac then and since my local nail salon is closed on Mondays I couldn't go there either. I therefore had to do it myself on Monday night.

When I go to the salon to have it removed they soak my nails in a bowl of nail polish remover. That felt a bit drastic so I decided to use some simple tools including aliminium foil, nail polish remover and cotton buds. Controversial I know.

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Adorn Mineral Cosmetics

Adorn Mineral

In December's I Love This Box I received a small sample of Adorn Mineral Cosmetics' Summer Bronzer/Eye Shadow. I do love a good bronzer and I simply had to put it to the test immediately. I have to admit I was not familiar with the brand but I am a fan of anything mineral. Adorn is also cruelty-free which I really like. I have also found out that they do a free customised colour matching service online.

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